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Mr. Ahmed Khabeer | CEO | Tafaseel

Tafaseel BPO: Delivering an Omni-Channel Experience

The UAE has always been held as a regional business hub across the Middle East. Its state-of-the-art infrastructure provides opportunities and attracts millions of people across the world. As such,Tafaseel BPO is a company that is delivering its quality services across the country and helping millennials in starting their careers.
In an interview with Insights Success, Mr. Ahmed Khabeer, CEO of Tafaseel narrated the journey of Tafaseel and how his and his team’s hard work is contributing to the success of the renowned service provider.

  • Kindly brief us about your organization your vision, mission and your values.

Founded in 2011 by 25 years old Emirati female, Tafaseel BPO is a technology-enabled first Emirati business process outsourcing service provider (OSP) specializing in contact centers Design, build, operate, & manage.
Every day across the 7 emirates, our employees delivers next generation customer experience and helps government and private companies better connect with their customers. We create better business outcomes and differentiate our clients through technology, design, data, process, and people. Tafaseel provides services to clients in ten industry verticals: automotive; banking and financial services; insurance; healthcare; technology; consumer electronics; media and communications; retail and e-commerce; travel and transportation; energy and public-sector.

“ We leverage technologies to accelerate your business growth.”

With our flexible, cost-effective communications and collaboration solutions, we’ve created the ideal workplace, where business can be done more efficiently and effectively. From an all-in-one on premises  phone system with team messaging and video conferencing to a complete omni-channel contact center and more, we build solutions for every business, no matter how big or small.

  • What are the cutting-edge products/services offered by your organization?

First On-demand call center services in the region, Omni channel contact center outsourcing solutions, data analysis and forecasting, artificial intelligence, chat pods and machine learning, natural language processing, speech to text, conversational IVR, Co-Browsing, and social media connectors.

  • How has your organization sustained its market competency? What are the characteristics that set it apart?

We believe in having Integrity, being Transparent, displaying Passion in everything we do while working as one Team. We innovate and focus on continuous improvement, ensuring high quality services.
We have also invested the appropriate resources and effort to develop a practical framework for measuring and managing the lifetime value of customers, we have also planned a comprehensive design solution for all aspects of our call center outsourcing requirements, and made sure these plans adequately cover the people, process and systems requirements adequately. We have developed contractual flexibility with our partners to scale resources up and down.

  • Share your views on the latest trends in the BPO industry. How are you Tafaseel up with them?

BPO Trends in UAE
Revenues from the operational management of external outsourcing and cloud services in the UAE are expected to reach Dh3.58 billion this year, an increase of 12 per cent on the Dh3.2 billion recorded last year, a research report revealed.
The latest statistics by International Data Corporation (IDC) show that revenues are expected to touch Dh4.38 billion in 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of 11.2 per cent.
Furthermore, IDC report points out that spending on local business outsourcing has grown by 11.7 per cent — from Dh1.19 billion in 2016 to Dh1.33 billion in 2017. The number is expected to hit Dh1.48 billion in 2018 and be valued at Dh2 billion by 2021.
The report notes that key customers of the local outsourcing market are from the banking, financial services, transport, communications, media, retail, and support industries.
In terms of competencies, call center services account for the largest share at 65 per cent and are set to dominate the market for years to come. Human resources rank second with 14 per cent, followed by finance, accounting, and employment services that are slated for moderate growth, as companies continue to prefer handling these functions internally.
How Tafaseel is keeping up:
In an increasingly complex connected world, the contact center is set to become the interaction hub of the digital enterprise – responsible for support, interaction, education, and data gathering. But in its new role the contact center will have evolve to deal with more responsibilities and far more complex issues.
Tafaseel is planning to start first on-demand contact center in the region  and continue deploying a wide range of technology – such as automation, analytics, workflow technology, bots, verification and so on to increase efficiency and enhance the experience.
Future of contact centers: 
By 2025, there will be a change in the notion of ‘customer’, resulting from the separation of the entity contacting the contact center for service and the customer themselves. For example, the rise of IoT will see smart objects automatically asking for support and help, with this support being provided by smart bots who will apply known fixes, run diagnostics and search knowledge bases for answers or resolutions. Escalation to human technicians will occur if the smart bot cannot resolve the issue. The human owner of the smart objects may be notified, if appropriate, of any action taken in the channel, they have requested such notification to take place. Thus support will no longer be a human-to-human interaction, or even a human-to-bot interaction; it could involve no humans – other than reporting the resolution to a human owner.

  • How do you maintain a productive work culture at your company?

Tafaseel has fun, young & dynamic premises that creates positive atmosphere attracting millennials and keeping up our outstanding attrition rate of less than 5%.

  • What are your future plans for the company? Where do you see the company in the years to come?

Tafaseel is planning to start first on-demand contact center in the region  and continue deploying a wide range of technology – such as automation, analytics, workflow technology, bots, verification and so on to increase efficiency and enhance the experience, We are also studying a debut to the regional markets across gcc,Middle East and South East Asia targeting emerging markets through partnerships and offshoring.
About the Spearhead
Mr. Khabeer has a proven executive management record and over 6 years of successful experience in Sales, Marketing, Strategic, and Operation Leadership. His expertise is to lead organizations and revamp company images and performance. Mr. Khabeer is a dynamic, results-oriented leader with a strong track record of performance in turnaround and high-paced organizations. His keen analysis and insights and a team approach is driving Tafaseel towards constant improvements. His superior interpersonal skills assist him to deal with complex (sales, human resources, legal, finance, operational) issues and motivating staff to peak performance.
Mr. Khabeer has earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Knowledge Engineering from The Future University Sudan in 2013. He graduated with Latin Honor’s and came to UAE for higher education. There he studied Masters of International Business Administration at Wollongong University Dubai. He further pursued his education in Diploma of Satellite Engineering in India. After gaining enough industry exposure while working for (FlyDubai, Samsung Electronics, Bureau Veritas, started his venture of Tafaseel BPO and currently leading it along with Salama Healthcare and Tafaseel IT solutions to cross his own success boundaries.