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Tableau Passes APIs That Prompt New Big Data Experiences

PR Newswire has broadcasted Tableau Software, it has provided new APIs that make it more manageable for developers to have new experiences for its customers and extend the possibilities of Tableau. Developers also have an entrance to Tableau’s Developer Portal, Tableau’s community for developers to share, assist and engage with fellow developers.
“Tableau is opening up our platform to provide more choice and flexibility to our customers,” stated Francois Ajenstat, Chief Product Officer at Tableau. “It’s about enabling developers to build new experiences for people to more easily see and understand their data. It’s about enabling automation and simplification to deploy Tableau. And it’s unleashing opportunities for developers to integrate embedded analytics into every area of the business.”
Tableau’s APIs offer developers the resilience to connect with any data source and combine Tableau any application for simply embedded analytics. The Tableau Community has used these APIs to fabricate new Web Data Connectors, embed Tableau visualizations into websites, scrape data and form Tableau extracts, and construct a tracking tool to follow interactions with visualizations. These are just a few of the customized integrations with Tableau that assist businesses bring into play their data no matter where it’s stored, contribute to insights with their customers in real-time and interact with Tableau in the way that works best for their employees and communities.
“We’re dedicated to helping everyone make use of their data, wherever it lives,” said Craig Bloodworth, Chief Technology Officer at The Information Lab. “Tableau’s Web Data Connector makes it easy for us to build connectors that tap into the world of data on the web and help all Tableau users discover brand new insights and make quick decisions.”