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Systweak: Creating System Optimization Utilities

“Are entrepreneurs a special kind of people, born with drive and desire to succeed that most of the other people don’t possess, or can they be made through education, mentorship, and experience?” is a debate for another day. While many might suggest entrepreneurs are born, numerous examples of self-made entrepreneurs spring-up an argument against this debate with a strong fight. One entrepreneur, for whom entrepreneurship came by ‘fate’ instead ‘by design,’ is Shrishail Rana.
As a teenager, Shrishail liked tinkering around with his desktop more than he liked his law books. Sometime during the mid-90s, he started blogging about these idle experiments and how it improved his computer experience. These posts started attracting a lot of traffic and one thing led to the other. Advertisements started coming in, and he even got an offer to sell a memory optimizing software which he had developed. As luck would have it, the buyer backed out by the time the software was fine-tuned, prompting Shrishail to launch his own IT solutions and software company – Systweak.
Primarily started as a Microsoft Solutions provider almost two decades back, today, Systweak is an international Software development company, which creates system optimization utilities for users all over the world. Initially, Systweak focused on building and successfully distributing utility software for Windows for years. However, later, the company shifted its focus towards providing mobile software and solutions across all major platforms. At present, core industry areas Systweak caters to include (but is not limited to) data security & recovery, Imaging tools, optimization software and cloud services. The company is also exploring the scope of Machine Learning to create products pertaining to malware analysis.
Transformation from Desktop to Mobile Technology that Paid Off
Back in mid-90s, resources weren’t easy to come by in a small city like Jaipur, India. Also, it had started with 10-odd people in a small basement in 1997. By 2012, the premise shifted base to India’s Biggest IT Special Economic Zone (SEZ) viz. Mahindra World City, situated in the city outskirts. Presently, Systweak boasts of a strength of a staggering 150 plus employees operating out of huge 100,000+ sq. ft. office in the Special Economic Zone .
Transition from a desktop-oriented environment to mobile technology was a big challenge for Systweak. Its yesteryear products were largely meant for the desktop market; more specifically Microsoft/Windows. Some of Systweak’s best-selling products were/are meant for desktops. The idea was to create software that would make everyday computing safe, easy, and efficient.
Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Today, our very survival depends on our ability to stay awake, to adjust to new ideas, to remain vigilant and to face the challenge of change,” Systweak branched out to making apps for Mac and eventually mobile apps. The company adapting to the changing times has been able to capture its intended audience in a mobile-oriented environment as well. The transformation from desktop to mobile technology has neither been easy, nor smooth but it paid off nonetheless in the end.
Creating a Niche Market by Creating Utility Apps for all Major OS
Serving the industry for the last two decades, Systweak has now created a niche market for itself by creating utility apps for all major mobile (and desktop) OS. Systweak introduced its first Mobile App in 2012. Since then, it has now over 15 mobile apps ranging from photo editors, duplicate files remover, phone optimizers, to games. Many of these apps have been consistent top sellers and/or rank holders on Appstore and Playstore.
Systweak plays to its strengths and doesn’t follow trends blindly. This helps the company stay ahead of its competitors and be in a stable and profitable business. Systweak is also taking baby steps into making gaming apps that can appeal to the young and old alike.
Hard Work and Clear Vision Paved Way
More than anything else, it was the hard work of the team and a clear vision of Shrishail, which helped Systweak tackle every challenge that emerged. Additionally, the presence of a stable market for a good part of a decade was icing on the cake in its early days.
Being always ready to adapt and change, Systweak has had a huge customer base in North America and some parts of Europe. “We try to gauge the preferences and needs of this existing base. Not to say, we do not want to bring in new customers to our fold, but that does not mean we neglect those who are already there.  Another factor that helps us tackle competition is our organic reach. We understand the scope of reaching out to people through social media and good content. We want our customers to come back and refer us to people they know. That is possible through a prolonged and concerted effort. And it does not necessarily mean spending a lot of money on advertising,” Shrishail reveals.
Eyeing to be at Par with Times
According to Shrishail, there is no substitute to hard work and dedication. This attitude of giving everything up if something doesn’t click won’t work. He believes that if one idea doesn’t work out, entrepreneurs should try something else. “Running a successful business is not easy. In the era of information proliferation, don’t just see the end-product. Be aware of behind the scenes. Don’t think a business has succeeded overnight or with just one idea. Give yourself a little more credit and above all, be a little more patient,” he adds.
Systweak is exploring Machine Learning, blockchain technology and AI. The company hopes to be at par with the times and come up with products and services that won’t go out of fashion any time soon. Under the leadership of Mr. Rana, Systweak does expect to ‘Boldly go where no man has gone before’!