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SYSPRO: Simplifying Your Success

A good ‘Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP),’ portrays the systematic workings and process of the company. It facilitates all the procedures of the company and integrates all aspects, leading to better visibility, better operations and and improved bottom-line. For startups, implementing an ERP solution acts as a milestone, because the need of ERP is realized when company’s operations bloom beyond traditional manageable ways.
SYSPRO is an ERP solutions and services provider who has created a strong footprint in the market because of its customer-oriented solutions and innovative technology. With nearly four decades of experience in the manufacturing and distribution ERP marketplace, SYSPRO has over 1,600 ERP Partners, more than15,000 customers and have achieved an impressive 98% customer retention rate. SYSPRO has a fully-document award winning implementation methodology and their software is available in the cloud, on-premise or via mobile device.
A Driving Force Behind SYSPRO’s Technology
Brian Stein is CEO of SYSPRO USA, is charged with making final decisions in the best interests of the company on matters such as organizational structure, competitive positioning, ethics and transparency, financial management and technological direction.
Stein’s background includes over 30 years’ computer software experience, much of which has been involved with comprehensive manufacturing and distribution software systems. His footprint in the software community has established him as an influential and innovative leader, which has been a driving force behind SYSPRO’s growth in the industry.
SYSPRO has only one product: SYSPRO ERP Software. The current version they are providing is SYSPRO 7. Having just one product which delivers unlimited solutions allows the SYSPRO team to focus completely on enabling customers to leverage the powerful technology within the solution.
Sold in Modules
SYSPRO ERP is sold in modules, allowing customers to select only the modules that they require upfront.  Customers can add modules to their system as their company grows and requirements change. The modules cover every aspect of Finance, Manufacturing and Distribution, as well as advanced reporting capabilities, planning and automated workflows. Therefore, systems can be as basic or advanced as the customer’s needs demand.
The product offered by SYSPRO can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. Cloud ERP Solutions for SYSPRO allows customers to benefit from the full functionality that this software has to offer without having to purchase and maintain the entire IT infrastructure. Clients just simply need to pay a regular subscription for the use of the system.
SYSPRO also provides mobile product offering, SYSPRO Espresso, which provide clients real-time access to their business information at any time, from their preferred mobile device. Espresso also gives the client the freedom to fully customize without the help of a developer.
Leveraging Technology to Enhance User-Interface
Stein, along with his team, always has an eye on customer feedback, which helps them to continually enhance the system. This ensures their customers have access to the latest advancements in technology when they need it.
Stein and his team also understand that data is the lifeblood of the organization and the integrity and security of that data is a top priority. Hence, SYSPRO incorporates system-wide facilities aimed at securing the system from unauthorized access. Over and above this, security can be set throughout the system by the operator or by role. Securities can also be set per operator against transactions, activities and even fields.
Maintaining a fair Margin from the Competitors
SYSPRO powerful technology and commitment to customers has already made them a leading ERP solution, and they maintain a fair margin from the competitors with their services like SYSPRO BusinessLive which is a monthly subscription-based option that provides the full SYSPRO ERP solution, delivered via the cloud. They also have Managed Services – IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service), which is a rental option on only the hardware, i.e. client would be responsible for the purchase, licensing and maintenance of the software.
Overall, SYSPRO is an impressive company with a strong, innovative product that enables customers to stay competitive within their own industries.