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SynGlyphX®: Transforming Data to Knowledge, Faster

There is more data available today than ever before. The premise behind all this data is the ability to make better, more informed decisions, more rapidly and with better results. Yet, too often, data goes underutilized or is missed altogether.
SynGlyphX® software allows users to see more of their data at one time so patterns, trends, and anomalies can be easily seen and recognized. In this way, SynGlyphX® helps users see and know more, faster.
The company’s products represent a revolution in data visualization. William Playfair invented the bar chart in 1783, over 230 years ago. All the innovation that has gone into bar charts since then has been an evolution, not of the visualization itself, but of getting data from the ether into the bar chart for analysis.
SynGlyphX® presents data in a visual, 3D, immersive and interactive environment that simplifies and expedites analysis of vast amounts of data contextually. It works on the commercially available hardware used within the majority of corporate and academic organizations worldwide.
A Very Experienced Leader 
As the Co-founder of SynGlyphX®, Mark E. Sloan brings more than two decades of experience in the technology industry to the company. He is a results-driven technology general manager experienced with new ventures as well as with turning around existing businesses.
He is also the CEO and President of the organization and brings a unique focus to business development and to the marketing of SynGlyphX®’s products. Mark has established a strong operational foundation for the company’s ability to scale in the future.
His interest in the success of people and teams, and desire to help them make breakthroughs, are the biggest drivers of his leadership at SynGlyphX® and in the industry.
“We want to help people discover insights that change their world,” says Sloan, “SynGlyphX® provides a unique opportunity, not just in the software industry, but for everyone.”
 He started his career at Accenture. Before founding SynGlyphX®, Mark co-founded RTM Consulting, a global consulting firm focused on the technology services industry. He also served as Vice President and General Manager of Convergys’s Consulting and Professional Services Group, a business valued at $375M.
Mark holds an M.B.A degree from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Notre Dame.
Groundbreaking Solutions 
SynGlyphX®, provides 4 data visualization modules, all designed to enable comprehensive interactive data visualization and insight discovery.
Ÿ GlyphViewer TM  provides flexibility and glyph authorship for technical users who want to design and build their own data visualizations.
Ÿ GlyphIT TM  is designed for managers, researchers, and teams. It provides a series of standard or custom-built glyphs that provide all of the visual power of glyph-based data analysis. Unlike GlyphViewerTM, GlyphITTM glyphs are built by the SynGlyphX® team to the specifications of data owners, simplifying data aggregation, and cleansing processes while enabling rich insight via customer-defined, standardized, views.
Ÿ GlyphSA TM is designed specifically to help teams accelerate situational awareness. Similar to GlyphITTM, GlyphSATM uses a series of prebuilt or custom glyphs that allow users to visualize the threat surface for an entire network or any element of the network teams. Prebuilt glyphs are designed to provide comprehensive insight into networks and can be modified to meet customer requirements.
Ÿ GlyphEd TM is used by schools across the United States such as Notre Dame, John Carroll University, Kent State University, and Gannon University. It enables school administrators to manage student success from application through to graduation. A series of standardized glyphs enables teams to determine the best candidates for acceptance into a cohort and identify at-risk students through comprehensive analysis of financial aid, engagement, and academic data.
Entering the Vertical 
SynGlyphX® visualization tools improve the speed and quality of data analysis. Organizations have access to more data than ever before and want to take advantage of it to achieve new operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and discover insights that have the significant impact on all aspects of life.
The likelihood of breakthrough thinking and creative productivity rises when people at all levels of an organization can grasp and share data quickly and easily. As teams grow and morph, it becomes increasingly imperative that every member can grasp the meaning of data and take appropriate action. Common data analysis tools require users to adapt to an antiquated methodology of data analysis.
SynGlyphX® was founded to give teams and individuals a more comprehensive and easily understandable view of their data so that they can find the insights to change their world.
A Smooth Sea Never Made a Skilled Sailor 
There is a natural aversion to adopting new technology. An introduction to glyph-based data analysis can sometimes be bewildering at first glance. Although common tools require far more work to ascertain the meaning of data, they are the familiar options in the market.
When the company was established, SynGlyphX® worked to first socialize the idea of the glyph, and this is an ongoing process. Speaking with thousands of people, it quickly learned that once a prospect is given a general understanding of glyphs and how they work, the value of the glyph becomes clear.
Through a series of conversations, tests, and campaigns, the SynGlyphX® team determined a simple model for communicating the make-up of the glyph that showed customers how and when to use this new, but truly intuitive, concept of data visualization.
As with all software, usability was a key factor in adoption. SynGlyphX®’s team works diligently to ensure that its GUI is intuitive and responsive. The company wants to ensure that its users can focus on the data at hand without the need to jump through hoops to build, see, and interact with glyphs. The ability to integrate advanced analytics adds to the value of the platform.
Looking Ahead at the Future 
SynGlyphX® plans to continue to introduce innovative features to its software.
The focus to date has been on allowing users to reduce the time to go from data to SynGlyphX visualization to insight discovery. The company will continue to enhance the software to shorten this cycle. It is making great strides in automating the creation of a visualization, and in connecting to multiple and disparate data systems so that the user can integrate data visually, and easily access it.
Until now, the software has been a client application – it needed graphics acceleration (i.e., GPU of the local hardware) to effectively display graphics. In early 2018, the organization is in the process of beta testing its web version, GLYPHVIEWER®. The release of the web version of GLYPHVIEWER® will dramatically change how and where users can access their data.
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