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Synergy Consulting: Promoting Talent in an Environment of Excellence

Synergy Consulting believes in investing in its team talent rather than focusing on “brand-building” via media and PR. With offices in the USA, India, and Dubai and opening soon in Africa and London, Synergy is internationally reputed and recognized for providing a comprehensive range of financial advisory services for infrastructure projects. Synergy has successfully achieved financial close of projects worth more than US$ 18 billion.
Personalized and customized services to meet the clients’ needs through constant engagement are Synergy’s distinguishing features. Synergy team members ceaselessly endeavor to exceed clients’ expectations, resulting in long-term relationships with the clients. They believe in ‘reverse evaluation’ for the clients to ensure that their current strategy will meet their future aspirations. Synergy Consulting has a dedicated and focused team of talented team members of superior caliber, capable of adding significant value for its clients, being a noteworthy differentiating factor of the company.
Synergy is winner of several accolades, which include, in Global Water Summit 2016 they are Nominated for Deal of the Year Water (KKIA PW), in GFC (Global Financial Conference) they Rank# 2– Project Finance Deal of the Year (Jazan ASU), in WEX (Water and Energy Exchange), they got the WEX Global Award for innovation in finance / partnership, in The American Lawyer, they won– 2016 Global Legal Awards (Jazan ASU).
Infrastructure & Financial Advisory Services
Synergy’s vision statement says it all: “To be a partner of choice by consistently adding value to our stakeholders in infrastructure development and financial advisory by promoting talent in an environment of excellence.”
Synergy Consulting, an independent international financial advisory services company with experience in projects across many countries spanning six continents, provides services in the areas of Investment Advisory, Project Finance, Financial Analysis, Financial Modeling, Mergers & Acquisitions, Commercial and Financial Due Diligence, Project Restructuring and Policy Reform for the Infrastructure Sector with focus on Energy, Water and Transport.
By delivering services at competitive and effective costs that are superior to many other available in the market, Synergy provides high value for money to its clients.
Aman Sachdeva, President and CEO of Synergy Consulting, has more than 27 years of experience in the infrastructure industry, specializing in the energy sector ranging from project finance, management consulting, regulatory affairs, mergers and acquisitions, power system planning, energy conservation and marketing.
Aman’s earlier experience (1996-2000) includes CMS Energy (USA) as Director Financial Analysis and Corporate Planning and Regional Head, Finance, CMS Energy Asia, (Singapore) where he successfully achieved financial close for Goldfields Gas Pipeline, Western Australia and 250 MW Neyveli Lignite IPP, India. This was followed by Enron Corporation (2000-2001) as Director Finance and Senior Financial Lead, Dabhol Power Company Restructuring Team, and the financing of 190 KM natural gas pipeline from Dabhol to Panvel, Maharashtra, India.
Bird’s-eye View of the Future
In our world today laden with rapid political, economic and social challenges, Synergy is able to stand tall and deliver quality services despite often encountering unfavorable conditions. Synergy is eager to prove its potential by creating a “Method in Madness” in the ever changing world by yielding results despite directionless and unstructured environments and chaotic circumstances that are ailing many countries across the world.
Aman elaborates, “Synergy believes in persevering and is confident of performing better than its competitors under demanding conditions and is eager to showcase its talent of successfully delivering results in an uncertain and turbulent world.”