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Synapse: A Pioneer in How Corporations Automate the Instructional Design Process

Designing quality training content is complicated, time consuming, and an expensive task. It takes weeks and many times months to design great content due to the manual instructional design process that require specialized people and tools. Because of this, training departments can’t scale and consistently fail to meet business needs. Synapse automates and streamlines the instructional design process. Their cloud-based platform lets training departments collaborate to design, develop, manage, and scale corporate training needs quickly, easily, and effectively. With Synapse’s training design and development software, anyone can produce quality training content much faster and at lower costs.
Mission that is Motivating to Move Forward
Designing training content is not an easy task; many corporations either don’t have the time, resources or expertise to perform this work well. That’s why Synapse has a mission to automate how corporations design training content. Their vision is to build simple software that becomes a core part of every organization’s learning development strategy.
Success Story of a Prominent Client
Their clients include Learning Development and Talent Development departments from some of the largest companies in the world. They are helping these organizations streamline and automate how to design training programs. Their clients often design training content for performance support, micro learning, on-the-job aids, and for social learning.
One of their clients had a need to design 800 Micro learning modules in just 4 months. They designed an internal crowdsourcing campaign to motivate and encourage internal subject matter experts to participate in content design and development efforts.  The training content was scaled across 4 countries in multiple languages to meet business goals. Not only did they save 65% of costs vs. estimates from vendors, but they also provided the know-how and information needed for their employees. Synapse love success stories like this because it means that they are contributing in innovation, continuous learning, and organizational support.
A Desirable Need that Led to the Inception of Synapse
Synapse had launched its platform in 2016, although the founding team first dreamed up the idea in late 2015 while at the EDGE EdTech accelerator program in New York. The company was initially founded by three founders: Ryan Austin, Josh Crohn, and Sebastian Leks after they grew tired of watching companies struggle to build training content. They’ve faced these same challenges themselves. Ryan and Josh had previously co-founded and built corporate training companies successfully. Sebastian had built knowledge management software solutions for large enterprises. After winning many learning innovation awards from credible industry providers, Synapse is now being used to empower some of the best brands in the world.
Notable Recognitions and Client Feedback

  • First Place: Learning 2016 by Elliott Masie
  • Mobility-X by Daimler Financial
  • Runner up Teachers Deliver Award

“Working with subject matter experts just became easy! Synapse enables my learning team to drastically cut the time it takes to produce and maintain content” — Mori Seriki, Vice President of Learning & Development, Envoy Mortgage
Leading Light of Synapse
Ryan Austin is the Co-Founder & CEO of Synapse. He is a creative thinker with deep love for entrepreneurship. With his strong strategic capabilities, leadership, and business judgment, Ryan likes to solve complex problems and built products that clients love. Ryan continues to work with clients and drive strategic vision to enable Synapse to develop the new Learning Design System market.
Always Focused on Client’s Needs
Synapse always aim to listen to their clients’ needs and build features that provide a real benefit around problems their clients face. By innovating with clients and listening to the market, they are destined to do great things.
Learning Design System is the Burgeoning Trend
Synapse has built the world’s first Learning Design System. In corporate learning & development, many training departments rely on instructional design models like ADDIE (analysis, design, development, implement, evaluate). Whilst there are other systems like Authoring Tools and Learning Management Systems that automate how to deliver training content, the design and development phase is done with manual processes that don’t scale. The Learning Design System is a new technology that automates the instructional design process, enabling corporations and L&D departments to standardize best practices across the organization at scale. Anyone can contribute to designing and developing quality content for the organization and automatically meet high-quality design standards.
Future Endeavour
Synapse has been developing technology in 3 phases.  The first phase is to automate the instructional design workflow process with their software.  Phase two is focused around enterprise app integrations. They have just partnered with Microsoft to build a native application on Microsoft Teams for corporate training. The last phase is focused around intelligence. Synapse has been built on an AI engine, and they have been developing solutions to make their recommendations engine smarter.
Synapse believes that this is a big mission, but they always strive to become better and do more.  Their goal is to work with the best clients and partner with great companies who are aligned with Synapse mission.

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