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Sycoforge: Marching Ahead Towards a Gaming Revolution

In this modern age of technological advancements and stiff competition, providing the best possible service to the customers is of prime concern for every organization. Times have changed and technological upgradation to the highest level is the need of the hour to survive and excel among competitors.
The gaming industry has undergone a tremendous metamorphosis over the years. It has achieved remarkable success worldwide recently and has evolved from board games and video games to the most advanced technologies including 3D replications, virtual reality and augmented reality. Gaming service providers have evolved and upgraded in order to cope up with the tremendous competition and latest developments.
Sycoforge is an elite gaming solution provider located in Zurich, Switzerland. It aims at creating unique gaming experiences for avid gamers. At Sycoforge, an interdisciplinary team of engineers, mathematicians, artists and creative architects work together to bring forth the ultimate gaming experience to the users.  The team works together to bring to life the originally curated gaming universe, Arafinn, where never-before-heard languages and units of measurement are used.  Since 2009, team Sycoforge has been working on making the Arafinn Universe a successful venture.
Beyond Creating a Game
A fact that sets Sycoforge apart from its competitors is that it not only creates ‘games’, but also a complete and self-contained universe. “Arafinn” is a unique fantasy universe that has its own geography, demography, sociology, centuries of documented history with huge genealogy trees of the most important families and cultures, original languages with own grammars and scriptures and so on. Players can always expect to have a red thread through all of its stories and games.
Sycoforge is steadily moving ahead on its triumphant journey, and credits its entire team for the unparalleled dedication and hard work. The team has always been connected and related, and considers the organization as a ‘family business’. All the team members share a feeling of unity and oneness and the same vision which they pursue persistently without thinking about giving up.
As a gaming solution provider, team Sycoforge feels that technological advances provide endless opportunities to almost everyone to create their own game. On the other hand, it also feels that this is also a challenge, as it becomes more difficult to stand out from the crowd. The company considers it as a major opportunity for independent organizations to persist in a market that was dominated for a long time by big-players, and has been more balanced and democratized in recent years.
The company gives importance to the principles of honesty and authenticity and strives to achieve customer satisfaction. It also believes in the policy of mutual giving and taking. As independent developers, as well as gamers themselves, team Sycoforge knows what customers expect of a good game and that delivering what one has promised is key to create a player-base that really enjoys – and therefore keeps buying – one’s games. The entire team works together with passion and dedication on a true-to-original world of fantasy, adventure and action. The team doesn’t compromise due to half-completed stories and aims at delivering the final product before the given deadline.
The Driving Force of Sycoforge
Sycoforge has been guided on its successful path by founding members Ismael Wittwer and Michela Rimensberger. They founded this organization with the objective of providing the ultimate gaming experience to the customers and take it to the next level.
Major Projects
The major projects of Sycoforge revolve around the fantasy universe of Arafinn.
Arafinn Universe
Sycoforge has been working on the fabled World of Arafinn, a self-contained fantasy universe, since 2009. This universe has also grown and evolved over the years and consists of 25 provinces with 2600 cities and villages inhabited by more than 600 families, clans and tribes having their own political orientations and speaking their own separate language. Moreover, four main languages are spoken across the lands namely- Tirdish, Hildujr, Valdyrish, and Omturu. Each language has its own grammar and alphabet. Sycoforge   has attempted to add details and breathe life into the Arafinn Universe by building different units of measure.
Since some time the company has been working on a major game based on Arafinn, namely:
Arafinn-Return to Nangrim
The first part of the Arafinn Universe will be known as ‘Arafinn-Return to Nangrim’. It will revolve around the story and legacy of the almost forgotten nation of the Stonebeards who used to live in the inhospitable realms of the Nimbor Mountains.
‘Arafinn-Return to Nangrim’ is a first-person fantasy adventure with RPG-, Survival- and Puzzle-elements. It involves exploration, research, puzzle solving and defense strategies in order to uncover the mysteries and legends of Nangrim. Technically generated content and puzzles guarantee a different gaming experience for each and every player. The focus of the game is not on fighting; rather, the player should be prepared to defend himself against various dangers lurking in the shadows. A player has to fall back on the ancient knowledge of the Stonebeards in order to successfully survive in the countless halls of Nangrim.
Future Plans
The company plans to release a special gift to its fans around Christmas time that would attune them to the actual game. Then in the first quarter of 2018, it is planning to launch its Kickstarter campaign, which should help in speeding up production of the game.

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