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Sybyl Kenya Ltd.: Delivering ICT Solutions for over 25 Years

ICT is the infrastructure and components that enable modern computing. However, the term is generally accepted to mean all devices that include networking components, applications, and systems that allow individuals and organizations to interact with digital world. Enters Sybyl Kenya Ltd. with the objective to provide strategic implementation and operational solutions for ICT enterprises, while enabling clients to integrate the best-of-breed solutions seamlessly. The company also brings together and implements end-to-end solutions applying the world’s best technologies in partnership with renowned, reliable and proven vendors.
Path Breaking Services
The Systems Integrator is a leading cloud and data center solution provider that helps to identify the best approach by assessing workloads that can be moved to the cloud. With massive experience in deploying a multitude of cloud solution models, the organization assesses, builds and manages the cloud model that suits the requirements both individuals and clients. Sybyl is also a complete IT Service Management Solution Provider, supporting the entire server, network and security infrastructure of its customers, thus eliminating the need of in-house maintaining IT services.
Sybyl also looks after the security of its customers, and its team of experts work round-the-clock to ensure that the customers are secured. In addition, Sybyl offers managed services based on “As a Service” model, and is a leader regarding deploying backup and disaster recovery solutions. The organization assists customers to meet their RPO and RTO objectives by carving solutions that meet business demand on data availability.
The Man Who Took the Initiative
Mr. Anil Kuruvilla the vice chairman of Sybyl group has been pioneer of introducing As a Service model in East Africa Sybyl’s first customer was Zain Uganda where Sybyl was offering hosted Exchange and Blackberry services to government institute in Uganda way back in 2007. Anil has been instrumental in driving innovation at Sybyl to introduce breakthrough solutions which were otherwise not available in East Africa. Sybyl has now 10+ years of experience in providing customized Managed Cloud Services for the companies in East Africa. Anil believes in taking enterprise class solutions to small and medium customers at affordable price.
Making the Industry Better
The innovative solutions of Sybyl allow its customers to establish predictable IT management costs through a simple, firm-fixed-price agreement, without any term commitment. It also offers much-needed scalability based on user count, infrastructure landscape and usage. Quick problem recognition and adequate diagnosis are much easier now, thanks to the remote monitoring technologies that have been deployed. Sybyl customers have the advantage of working with the experienced professionals who they can reach at any time.
Staying Afloat with Evolving Technology
Sybyl’s unique approach to working with its customers is through “Collaborative Business Experience” designed to help its customers achieve better, faster, and more sustainable results. Sybyl always works to reduce IT costs and improve its customer’s bottom line by leveraging the right balance of technology vs cost and works to innovate and to transform its customer’s business using broad experience from its similar engagements.
Advantage of Using Cloud Aggressively
As the only Kenyan company with the certification to the highest level for Enterprise Data Services, Business Communication & Collaborative Solutions, and Enterprise Security Systems; Sybyl. completely focuses on enterprise, data center solutions, IP and contact center solutions. The data center services company boasts of technical consultants with the largest combined hands-on experience for business continuity solutions in the Sub-Saharan region.
Bright Days Ahead
Sybyl’s data center allows customers to take the advantage of various data center solutions with a focus on security and efficiencies which it can pass on to its customers to provide them with the access to public and private cloud technologies and the organization’s service and solution capabilities.

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