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Suzy Tamasy: Empowering Women and Presiding the World of Fashion

The world has evolved from decades ago until today. But the one thing that stayed constant throughout these years is predominantly “Fashion.”

With the modern world reforming and reshaping its dimensions, fashion is integrating a similar thought while empowering women, and they are establishing an image of their bright future dressed in fashion.

The word “Fashion” could have many definitions, as every person would interpret it differently. It is a broad term that could have an infinite number of definitions and would differ from person to person. However, in the world of business, it implies how a person tries to portray an exclusive identity amidst the rest.

The Founder of Biz & Fashion Magazine, Suzy Tamasy, curated a fashion magazine to deliver a wave of women’s empowerment with an acknowledgment of self-love and self-acceptance. Even now, many women do not acknowledge their beauty, fall into the trap of self-loathing, and never seem to understand the power they hold within themselves or how it could impact the other women around them.

Along with Biz & Fashion Magazine, Suzy, in association with her network of people, also dove into the jewelry industry under the name “Suzy Q Jewels Fashion.” As with fashion comes the way we draw attention to the jewel women pair them with. Fashion paired with jewelry has a different impact altogether.

Suzy’s initiative prominently aims to support, celebrate, and facilitate finance for female entrepreneurs. What an amazing woman with a fascinating journey so far in business!

The way her journey reflects her focus on women’s empowerment is condemnable, and it inspires many females who are thinking about starting their own business or doing something else!

Let’s learn more about Suzy and her persuasions through the interview highlights!

Suzy, kindly brief us about yourself and your professional journey so far. What was your inspiration to step into the fashion industry?

Hello, I’m Suzy Tamasy, with a true passion for fashion 29-year experience, and a well-known name in the industry. I have had the honor of working in different roles in the fashion industry, starting as a model at the age of 17, working with Elite train and walking international runways. Studied design school with curated Suzy Q Jewels Designs that have made international runways.

Our brand is not just like any other women’s brand; we have empowered women for over 10 years, and a portion of our sales give back to women’s shelters throughout Canada. We are still passionate about giving back; we opened the Suzy Q Jewels Women and children’s program, which caters to empowering women and children to stop the cycle of abuse with intensive counseling and assistance for court accompanying, dress for success, and children counseling. Suzy Q Jewels also had a boutique in Vaughan, which before covid pandemic was closed, in which we had a women’s workshop to help assist the women in gaining business knowledge and empowering themselves.

This is where our Glam it up shoots started, and we opened our Magazine called Pleas Biz & Fashion Media. We are on our 54 issues in which we allow exposure to models, designers, talent, and photographers.

Tell us about Biz & Fashion Magazine, including its mission and vision. What is your role in its development and global outreach?

It’s on our 54 issues a portion of our print sales still goes out to women’s shelters. We have over 10k subscribers throughout the world. Shipped to their door to enjoy the luxury of high glossy printed magazines covering entrepreneurship design and fashion.

When I started the magazine, I had so many say that the magazine industry had no future, everything is digital, but I had a version of myself looking at vogue magazine when younger and getting fashion inspiration from them, so I had to share that version with local entrepreneurs and keep the fashion industry clean while working with amazing models and makeup artist in which we allow exposure in the industry.

Please enlighten us about your approach to working together and providing women better exposure within this organization.

Since being in the fashion industry, I’ve seen the good and bad. I truly wanted to empower women to love themselves as they are with every found character of themselves. We started our glam-it-up shots to allow true expression of women to be featured in a magazine wearing Lucy art fashion with a cause by using Suzy Q Jewels Fashion. We have had a successful array of photographers, makeup artists, models, and other designers included in Biz & Fashion Magazine

Please highlight Biz & Fashion Magazine and its features. What services enable you to open doors for opportunities?

We love empowering women with entrepreneurship with tips and ideas and emotional and mental business awareness. Intertwining it with fashion with amazing models, Muas, and photographers. Allow a huge impact of collaboration of talent exposure arising a platform for exposure.

How is Biz & Fashion Magazine utilizing technological advances to enhance its services?

We do have a digital component in which we also do pay print for our customers to receive their order Magazine to their inbox or shipped to their homes.

According to you, what should readers of this magazine expect while flipping through the pages?

I envisioned Biz & Fashion Magazine to be a safe environment for models to build their portfolios and exposure to amazing talented photographers. I have had the pleasure of working within the industry with talented makeup artists and hair stylists to fabulous designers.

I wanted a magazine not just based on beauty but inclusion with all body types, skin, and abilities. I want a magazine that empowers women with business knowledge from the industry of accounting, tax, advertising, marketing, and savings. To look amazing in fashion with style and elegance.

Tell us about the challenges you have faced and how they have shaped you as a business leader.

Covid gave us an eye-opener with our clothing line, Suzy Q Jewels. Suzy Q Jewels was mostly a luxury brand of women’s gowns that incorporated teens and girls. With everyone at home, we had to revamp and add a casual line for home attire, blouses, tops, and lounge attire.

Therefore, I mentor my students always not to have one business under their belt. When one has an area of stagnation, you need to have another one running. That’s where Biz & Fashion Magazine kept us afloat, generating revenue and allowing us to use Suzy Q Jewels fashion.

Where do you envision yourself in the future, and how do you see your company and its global reach in the foreseeable future?

I envision myself in 5 years giving Suzy Q Jewels fashion to one of my protégé and concentrating on the charity portion more. I want to leave a legacy by helping, changing, and empowering other women and teens.

Covid allowed me to start our book series with amazing true stories of other empowered women. Empowered in Heels 1 pushes you to the next level of life. My true story is in there at We are almost finished with our next series coming out in Jan, Empowered in Heels Building your empire! Stay tuned for it

Please share clientele, awards, and recognitions.

I have been blessed to be recognized as a designer of the year in 2018, Empowered Women in Finance, Women in Business 2000, Bold and fierce award, and impact Canada Women in Business; I was ranked top 32 women in business in Canada, 2022 top voted business with coaching and counseling. 2022 Marketing and advertising Award for assisting other business growth with our consulting firm.

Please download a free kindle version on Amazon and pick up your book Empowered In Heels in chapters or indigo. A portion goes to women’s shelters we support!