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Suzie Yorke, Founder, Love Good Fats

Suzie Yorke: Reintroducing Good Fats into People’s Diets

Physical fitness is foundational to mental toughness and intellectual sharpness. Good health is the basis of life expectancy and performance in every aspect. To the degree one has good health, to that degree, one can do well in every endeavor. Good health and well-being are also among the most critical goals of the United Nations’ sustainable development. Leaders who understand the importance of health can help create awareness and introduce the right concepts beneficial to our overall health.

Suzie Yorke is a late-blooming entrepreneur who utilized her accomplished marketing background, personal journey, and deep devotion and passion for health. She is the Founder of Love Good Fats, which she founded to reintroduce fats into people’s diets and educate the public that sugar, not fats, is the culprit of poor nutrition and the fact that we’d been misled for the last 40 years! After reading Nina Teicholz’s best-selling book, Big Fat Surprise, Suzie switched to a high-fat, low-carb diet and began to feel better within a few weeks. She found it extremely difficult to obtain handy, high-fat snacks. Seeing a market gap and a big chance to assist people via food, Suzie founded Love Good Fats, a firm that manufactures low-sugar snacks high in good fats and low in sugar. The Mission of Love Good Fats is to spread the word that Fat is back and sugar is out!

Having Great Experience in CPG Industry

Suzie is a 25-year veteran of the Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPG) industry and has worked at brand-building companies such as Proctor & Gamble, PepsiCo, Kraft Heinz, and Weight Watchers. She also worked at two other hyper-growth brands before creating her rocket ship success story brand at age 50.

Suzie grew up in a small apartment in Montreal with her twin brother and shared a bedroom with her mom for 13 years. Both her twin brother and she were adopted at a young age. They grew up speaking French in Quebec, and Suzie only learned English when she moved to Toronto after she graduated.

Suzie put herself through school (while working three jobs) and graduated from McGill Engineering in 1990 with a minor in business. She knew early on that she wanted to be in business and got in at Proctor & Gamble in Toronto and has had an incredible career in CPG marketing & brand building since.

Ensuring Competitive Edge

Having expertise in marketing allowed Suzie to bring over some “musts” to Management. Suzie introduced Monday Wins and Tuesday Management Priorities.

Suzie also enforced using 1-pagers for projects of every size and, of course, the best brand Positioning 1 pager ever, as this is foundational to your brand, company, competitive advantage, and culture!

Enabling Great Communication with Vendors

Everyone has experienced a massive change, with the whole world moving online. Love Good Fats did well, and it managed supply exceptionally well too.

Love Good Fats set up the office as up-to-date as possible to enable great communication (especially key during COVID) with its vendors and plan to be efficient.

Shifting People to Healthier Eating

Love Good Fats is doing its part to shift people to what it sees as healthier eating, which has benefits for the economy. The more it grows, the more it fuels the economy and can hire more employees. Love Good Fats wants to empower everyone to embrace a new way to snack and nourish your mind, body, and spirit with good fats, plenty of protein, and nearly no sugar. Its balance of good fats, protein, low net carbs, and very little sugar is Keto Certified and will help you stay on track.

Sharing Brand’s Mission with Authenticity

Suzie is on the Board of Directors of the company and plays a key role to support the Management team to grow the brand. She is also the founder, so she plays a key role in getting the brand name out and continues to provide the authentic voice and share the brand’s Mission. Love Good Fats has flavors for everyone, crafted to please your palate and fuel your mind, body, and spirit.

Staying Close to the Consumer

CPG and food are tough sectors. Suzie adds, “You need a great idea to market, some funding; your packaging, product, and pricing must be fantastic and better than your competition. So do your homework upfront BEFORE launching, and then stay close to the consumer to adapt quickly.”