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Susanne Skov Diemer | Founder & CEO | Praesidio Group

SUSANNE SKOV DIEMER: Safeguarding organizations with optimal security, risk and crisis solutions

Security is rapidly becoming an ever-higher business priority to protect enterprises against potential attacks that threaten a business and its assets – its foundation and future. Current technology advancements are more susceptible to security breaches and phishing attempts, making it essential to reduce security threats by utilizing effective preventive measures to ensure the security and quality of a company’s security program. Susanne Skov Diemer, founder & CEO of Praesidio Group, is a risk mitigation, crisis management, intelligence and security specialist and advisor. Her company Praesidio Group delivers prime security, intelligence and cyber solutions to organizations, NGOs, governments, high wealth families and public and private sectors around the world.
“The security and intelligence industry is an integrated part of me and has been for over a decade. It is an industry where relations, expertise and trust are essential. And for the client discretion, loyalty and compassion are crucial”, says Susanne Skov Diemer.
She does not consider her work as a job, she asserts “It is what I am and breath. It is my life now, the past decades and will continue to be in my lifetime” The core of her work is mastering intelligence, foresight and prevention.

“Organic and personal business growth is the way forward, being in this business and in business relationships for the long haul and doing our utmost together”

A lifetime dedicated to prevention and protection
Susanne Skov Diemer is the founder  and CEO; the heart of the company. She works very closely with a broad group of collaborators and clients on boards, cases and consortiums globally. She sees Praesidio Group as an integrated part of her.
Praesidio is derived from the Latin word praesidium, meaning protection or defense, which is the purpose of her career and the reason for the creation of the company.
Susanne has gained her extensive high-end consulting and management experience over 25+ years international career, working with permanent bases in Washington D.C.  London and now Copenhagen.  An important role in the company is her special expertise as a Risk Mitigation, Crisis Management, Intelligence and Security Specialist and Advisor.
On this journey, Susanne has been honored to receive various U.S. government awards for her work during her time with the U.S. Department of State. She considers her clients as an important part of her daily life – a client base at the top level in the corporate, private and public sectors across the world, crossing borders and boundaries together.
She also serves as an advisor for a global philanthropic charitable organization focusing on global virus and pandemic and as a security advisor on EU projects and as security expert on the Advisory Committee for PACTESUR (Protection Allied Cities against Terrorism in Securing Urban Areas) within EFUS (The European Forum for Urban Security).
Taking Security as a Responsibility
Susanne Skov Diemer opines “In my world of security and intelligence, the personal relationships, the life-death, the pressure and the high stakes, give new meaning to collaborations and relationships.” She has worked, and fortunately continues to work with people, who have influenced and impacted her both professionally and privately throughout her career. Her life and career have been marked by being a global citizen feeling; a global responsibility to keeping everyone safe under the radar and concurrently on the forefront of the news.
Operating Philosophy
Trust is taken to an entire different level and is the foundation of Susanne’s work and company. While cutting edge technology such as AI turns the industry around, the core basics remain the same and instinct based on years of experience and expertise. Combining it all is what gives Praesidio Group the real edge and advantage, hand-in-hand, complimenting each other and global synergies cross sectors, borders and threats. The company is serving more and more as senior advisors on short and long terms under the global radar at global occurrences as they unfold.
World of New Challenges
“Technologies have an impact, but depending on humanity and how we decide and allow disruptiveness,” says Susanne Skov Diemer. She further adds “As we become more global in our perspective, businesses and travel pattern, the world has become smaller.  Our work pattern changes with satellites, AI and other new technologies. It strengthens the need for our capabilities as we look at, not only general security and intelligence threats, but also risks arising from other forces, such as natural disasters and pandemics.”
As a global security and intelligence company in an everchanging world, Praesidio Group is constantly facing new risks, new technologies, new threats, and new realities on behalf of their clients. As a CEO, Susanne believes it’s her duty to prevent and foresee, constantly overcome these new arising challenges and be ahead of the game.
Advising from expertise and experience
According to Susanne, being a founding business leader and owner is a motivational factor beyond any turnover. “Clients’ interests are my interests, their challenges are my concerns and I keep clients and collaborators close and confidential, securing and optimizing close operational relationships and results.”
Entrepreneurial leadership is the core of who she is, and having a very close yet broad network of essential collaborators, feeds her leadership and entrepreneurial spirit daily. She further adds “Technology is a tool to keep us closer and share more; meanwhile the personal interactions remain fundamental.”
On advising emerging business leaders, Susanne says, “Don’t listen to any advice – unless it really resonates with you. Surround yourself with people, who are not afraid to challenge you with their expertise and with whom you share fundamental values.” She adds “and enjoy what you do – do what you enjoy.”