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SurfEasy : Building Online Privacy

Whether you’re on your home internet, a public WiFi hotspot, or your college’s network, your location and activities can be tracked when you’re online. Hackers can access your financial details, your personal information and almost all your accounts online-and location tracking means that your web might be restricted because of where you are. SurfEasy VPN helps you protect your personal privacy and keeps you secure on the internet.
SurfEasy has started with the goal of making online privacy accessible to everyone, whether its Big Brother or Big Data-there have been billions of dollars invested in figuring out how to track, catalogue and monetize everything they do online. SurfEasy is here to take the most advanced data protection technology and make it beautiful and easy to use in your daily life.
Chris Houston, great mentor for significant Startups
Chris Houston, founder and CEO of SurfEasy, an amazing company making it plug and play easy to secure your privacy on any computer or network. Chris has over 15 years’ experience in product development. He’s been involved in founding several successful tech companies and most recently served as VP Product for Virgin Mobile. Chris is also a Board member and adviser for several great startups. He has been a speaker and panelist for several international tech conferences.
Easy to use solutions, by SurfEasy
SurfEasy provides easy to use solutions to help protect your online privacy and data security. Their flagship product, SurfEasy VPN makes enterprise grade data encryption solutions consumer easy to use. Once installed on your phone, laptop or Computer SurfEasy encrypts all of the data in and out of your device and protects your identity by removing personally identifiable information such as your physical location and IP address.
SurfEasy believes that security is only as good as how often it’s used as such, they view ease of use as an important security feature. SurfEasy takes its time and worked with their users to develop a high-grade data encryption solution that was simple to set up and simple to use. As a result they have grown quickly and their solutions are used by millions of people around the world, from CTO’s to non-tech users – SurfEasy makes security and privacy accessible to everyone, also making them strong to be one step ahead in the competition.
Vast Prescience & delegation of SurfEasy
The key to SurfEasy’s success is their focus on the customer. SurfEasy has grown largely based on the word of mouth and referral of their existing users.
The vision and mission of SurfEasy is to make online privacy accessible to anyone-regardless of their technical ability. They strive to make easy to use solutions that can make a meaningful difference in the security and privacy of your personal data on any device or network.
Glorious Future
SurfEasy was recently acquired by one of the founding internet companies, Opera Software. Now part of a large public company with a history of powering the internet, SurfEasy working with several large partners and expanding their direct to consumer solutions faster than they ever could have on their own. They are expecting a lot of growth in the future.
Suggestions for New Startups
Focus on product / market fit beyond everything else. It doesn’t matter if its scalable, well brand or has a huge distribution if no one wants it. Keep listening to your customers and evolve your product to fit what they actually want-not what you think they want.