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SureCall Contact Centers: All about Customer Happiness

To remain profitable and meet the bench marks of today’s competitive environment, every company needs to run leaner operations and adjust quickly to the changing market conditions. One key question that often arises is: Can you improve the way you run your business without losing the focus on increasing your market share and customer base?
The answer is yes; when you take BPO into consideration. One such industry mogul who is leading the BPO world is SureCall Contact Centers. The journey of SureCall is not only interesting but also inspiring indeed. SureCall evolved over 35 years from a startup telecommunications company that mainly focused on wireless equipment and radio products to a state of the art outsourced BPO today. Operating 24.7.365 the company is always open for business and has been honored with several awards and recognitions over the years.  SureCall is a leader in the call center and outsourcing industry, however prides itself more on the dynamic culture which it has created with over 100 employees across Canada, and partnering with clients all over the world.
Extraordinary Offerings that make SureCall an Achiever of Success
SureCall offers multiple applications that benefit every industry. No matter the size or location of the organization, SureCall has a solution that can help companies to grow and expand while keeping their overall costs to a minimum. Providing tailor made services is SureCall’s forte. They provide solutions from Virtual Reception, Order Entry, and Emergency Response services, to customized offerings that fit exactly what their clients need. There is no box that you put around the service offerings that are available, and blue-sky thinking is a normal process at SureCall.
SureCall primarily deals with application verticals not just industry verticals. The organization designs its services to meet the requirements of each specific client, while bringing their extensive experience to the design innovation process. During the discovery session, SureCall works with its clients to find the best way to effectively improve the client’s own processes. Then provide quality resources to manage the specific application, and an agent team skilled to handle the program. Defining the needs of the client and how to improve efficiencies, reveals in advance where the clients pain points are, and how SureCall can help.
The Trailblazer of SureCall
Desirée Bombenon is the CEO of SureCall. Desiree is a sagacious leader and is named as one of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women for 2017. She was honored with the Enabler of Vision Award by the Center for Leadership Development at the UN Assembly in 2017 for her work on gender equality and female education. Desiree has been in the industry for nearly 30 years and shares her experience and enthusiasm for the technology associated with BPOs with her team. Her business model is tied directly with utilizing culture as a strategy for the organization. SureCall firmly puts their employees and clients at the forefront of their efforts. Engaging both her team and the clients while ensuring that the most important elements of SureCall’s stakeholder groups are taken care of. SureCall’s leadership team is aware that their role is to enable client happiness and the success of the SureCall agents who deal with their clients on the front line. Desiree believes that transparency and collaboration and the shared accountability to resolve issues within the firm are a must. With a flat organization where everyone is on a peer level and having a ‘no blame’ environment, issues are dealt with from a process view point. This forms clarity around root causes and enables the team on fixing the problem and not getting defensive. As a service company the main concerns that arise are around service level performance and quality of the work done. With multiple platforms that measure and assist the team to improve and succeed, SureCall is always working to a higher level. Coaching and mentoring are the most utilized methods within the organization along with ongoing education and getting client feedback. With a ‘fix it now’ mentality, Desiree and her team feel they have a good process for managing client expectations.
Taking Good Work to a New Level
SureCall has established itself as a community partner with charitable organizations as well as creating its own “Good Call” program that contributes to projects that educate females globally. The team at SureCall works hard each day knowing that every call they take contributes to, and serves a much bigger purpose.
A Leader’s Advice to Rising Stars
Being a renowned name in the call center solution providers’ industry, SureCall advises the rising stars of this sector to break through the walls and show the world infinite capabilities of the telecom industry. “Don’t limit your options with what you can offer, and be open to doing things differently,” said Desiree Bombenon. She further adds, “With certain types of operations often the path taken is one that everyone has traveled. My recommendation is try something new to differentiate yourself in the market, and don’t be afraid of innovations that are coming down the pipe, embrace them into your business.”
Going Beyond Boundaries while Creating New Milestones
Like any other successful company, SureCall too faced multiple challenges on its way to success. During the days when the company started its journey, technology was shifting and changing, hence, the company had to find partners on whom it can rely on and build solid alliances.
Desiree further said, “The challenges are less difficult if you can define exactly where the issues are and how to resolve them. Utilizing lean six sigma processes were extremely useful for our team to fix the core concerns and work towards better systems.”
Customer Satisfaction equals to SureCall’s Success
“Our core values are specifically around the success of our employees and our customer’s happiness. We express them through the ongoing programs we have to improve the skill level of our team, the culture we create in our work environment and the ongoing coaching and mentoring for employee success. We know if we work towards our team’s success they in turn will focus on the best service for our clients. Our customers are often given tours and hear testimonials from our team on how we have developed the type of culture that is ‘customer first’. They can see it and feel it in everything we do,” asserts Desiree.
Looking Forward to a Bright Future
SureCall strives to continue developing an outstanding team for their global expansion efforts over the next 3 to 5 years. The organization feels that the future is something they can all look forward to with even more exciting technology, and interesting concepts for their design platforms.
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