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Supertron Electronics Pvt. Ltd.: Distribution Giant of Information Technology and Telecom Company in India

Under the government’s motto of Make in India; it is expected to encourage manufacturing in India with the cost-effectiveness of the products. According to the reports from different agencies, a good number of phones got manufactured in India & sold in the starting quarter years. Specifically, in mobile phone sector, there was a lot of infiltration happening between states due to the difference in tax structure and not to forget the newly launched GST, which is expected to have a level playing field across territories.
Supertron Electronics Pvt. Ltd. is a market distribution house of IT products along with the mobile handset, technology advancements which are helpful for the growth of our society. They have been implementing numerous techniques of technology to introduce the easy and reliable work.
Day-to-Day Transformation of Supertron Electronics
In the year 1993, Mr. V.K.Bhandari, Chairman, and President, raised the flag by the name of Supertron Electronics Pvt. Ltd. Supertron Electronics stands one of the supreme leading distribution house of Information Technology and Telecom Company in India which has graduated from regional to national level within no time of their business days.
Today, the company owns a huge workplace of around 39 branch offices, warehouses, and 17 satellite offices across 29 states and UTs with 950 employees and a strong network of 27 service locations. Recently, Supertron clocked a turnover of approx Rs. 2800 Crore during FY 2016-17.
Supertron caters to over 11,000 channel partners spread across the country. The success of its strategic tie-ups with more than 20 MNC players has bolstered the growth of Supertron and helped the company to strengthen its position among the leading distribution houses in India.
The turning point occurred in the year 2003-04 for Supertron when the company took the big leap. Being a regional player, the company decided to shift the battleground to the national market and started opening branches all across India. The labor bore fruits in the form of national distribution rights to global brands like Seagate, Acer, DELL, Samsung, LG, AMD, Sapphire among others.
The Man Who Hold the word of Establishment
Mr. Bhandari took roads to Kolkata for pursuing Jute Technology. As he was highly focused on self-developing the skills regarding this industry, his energetic inner mind helped him to clear futuristic takes, and he was able to foresee that Information Technology would be the next generation across the globe.
He discontinued the idea of Jute Technology and joined a company called Sujata Electronics for their Kolkata branch as a sales executive.
Going ahead, Mr. Bhandari opened Supertron Electronics Ltd in the year of 1993 as a distributor and import company along with 3 aspiring persons with an investment of 3 lakhs.
Today Supertron is one of the leading IT Company in India and established the company amongst top 5 national IT Hardware distribution house with more than 950 employees and 2800
crores turnover with 56 offices across Pan India. Today, SEPL is a name with which every stakeholder (from banker, alliance partners to dealer) wants to get associated with and form a formidable partnership.
Legendary Services by Supertron
Supertron Electronics has an alliance with more than 22 World Class brands like Dell, Samsung, Lenovo, Acer, Seagate,  ZOTAC, LG, Corsair, AMD, Xerox to name a few of them. But as business is only meant for the clients and customers, not for the best but for some legendary services. Supertron Electronics gripped this concept and now in today’s time the company portrayed their unique and out-of-the-box services on their business market.

  • Enterprise

Supertron leads the way in Enterprise IT Solutions with Networking & Systems Integration, Hardware support and Cloud Computing. Solutions that empower enterprises to reduce overhead costs, free up key resources, focus on core competence and drive up productivity.

  • Telecom

Telecom is India’s fastest growing industry and Supertron is riding high on the wave. Traditional retail, modern trade and online marketplace, Supertron has an unparalleled network and support system in place to cater to all formats of the business.

  • Information Technology

Supertron is a leading IT & Telecom distribution & services intermediary in India.Supertron boasts of a wide and deep national network of over 9000 retail points, robust 24×7 logistics support, safe warehousing and an immense wealth of goodwill earned through years of ethical business practices.
Keep Advancing the Key Attributes
Wherever there is business, there are the challenges which keep on moving towards the excitement, failures and then success. However, the industry has faced few resilient challenges over the years, but Supertron Electronics assimilated the gambit about the business to avoid those loopholes as they already assembled the jovial relationship with their clients, and that is the reason the company kept on moving consistently and lively. Looking at the challenges of Inventory and Logistics Management, Supertron Electronics implemented ERP solution from Microsoft and also initiated centralized control of Partner registration and credits which have immensely helped them in their growth.
Employees are Future of the Company than Plans
Supertron Electronics’ vision is to be the most preferred distributions and services partner in the Indian IT & Telecom Industry, as they are in a continuous process to expand their presence in every corner of the country. The company is much optimistic to engross into other markets worldwide with the right strategy. The company is extremely centered around the mission to engage people in the activities which they organize at their workplace. They also aim to uphold a transparent work culture and ethical business practices and to foster a culture of innovation, free thinking, and empowerment. The company is nothing expecting more from all, as they believe to fuel the passion of excellence at the workplace.

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