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Keeping health, mind, and spirit healthy is the most needed requirement of a person, but with busy schedules or other commitments, most of the people cannot continue to live healthily. So, to solve the problem two promising youngsters founded SuperFit Lifestyle Asia which is an integrative health, fitness, and wellness company that provides health foods, lifestyle products, and wellness services to its customers. The company follows click and mortar business model which helps it to reach people who are not so familiar with online shopping. Additionally, it curates and recommends best products to its customers.
Dynamic Founders Who Dreamt of Something New is the brainchild of Zubin Nalawalla, co-founder and Shaan Marker, co-founder. Zubin comes from a digital marketing background and he has experience of over 13 years across social media, search marketing, client relationship and strategy execution. Previously he has served for Google, DraftFCB, Edelman, etc. He co-founded LIQVD ASIA, region’s first digital experimental marketing company in 2013. Zubin is equally driven by digital world and fitness, and one can find him behind the mic as an RJ on Mumbai’s FM radio while he is not charting digital plans or bench pressing.
Shaan, on the other hand, has a highly individual approach to personal training, nutrition, and overall wellness. He is very excited to be a part of Super Trainers, SuperFit’s own line of trainers. His long journey into fitness began with eating organic foods, playing squash, and training in 36 gyms worldwide. The process shaped his philosophy in life, which is “unleash the super in you!” He has coached people of all levels, from state level rugby players to squash players.
Products That Matters
To mitigate some of the major health risks that are part of living in congested cities like air & water pollution, radiation from mobile towers, sedentary lifestyles, depleted nutrient density and increased chemical content in the diet, lack of open spaces, stress, and anxiety. The company work towards offering curated, verified cutting edge solutions. For now, provides multiple solutions in health and fitness, which include;
Health Foods: The company curates the best in organic and natural foods, that are healthy yet tasty. The normal assumption is health foods are boring, but SuperFit makes health foods based on their manufacturing practices, nutritional contents, and taste. The main motto of the company is help people to adopt healthy foods naturally and continue using them. Some of these foods are granolas, energy bars, organic juices, honey, etc. The site lists more than 500 products, while it also promotes selected food products like Organic Tea, Coffee, Wheatgrass juice under the brand name of ‘SuperGreen’.
Lifestyle Products: As lifestyle products, the company offers water purifiers that waste minimal water, self-made bamboo toothbrushes, wooden kitchen crockery. Air pollution masks, organic clothing, etc.
Wellness Services: The company consists over 50 certified veted personal training professionals who offers doorstep fitness services when it comes to Yoga, Zumba, Boxing, Functional and Strength training. They build long term fitness regime for customers and not just quick fix solutions. Additionally, SuperFit Lifestyle Asia is among the few brands in the sub-continent to offer complete genetic testing for its customers.
Unique Services that Makes SuperFit Lifestyle Unique
The company is breaking the stereotypes of a fitness freak, with orders coming even from the interiors of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Orissa in the same number as of any metro city. The company is trying to change the mindset of people and it wants people to think of fitness beyond the gym, slimming down and focus on overall health and well-being for self as well as the planet. According to the company many Bollywood celebrities, Fitness gurus, and Sports persons are among their clients and order products regularly.
The fitness brand, is represented by promoters, a board of advisors, its employees, and trainers. It is one of the rare companies who offer both products and services. Curating product is not at all simple work to do, as it demands great involvement with a brand, which makes the team more confident in promoting partner brands. The company is very particular about listing products on its site as it is focused to help people not sell a random product.
Rocky Paths that Paved the Road to Success
The founders have not done any large events and press outreach to promote Until now, the company only had a soft-launch in opening doors to family and friends of friends. Shaan always being a fitness enthusiast, both the founders used to meet in the gym and share views on fitness and business in India. During this process, they felt that there’s a huge gap in offering a curated and personalized offering in the fitness industry on a large scale. Within few weeks they realized that it was the best time to take their idea to people.
Reaching Wider Consumers On-Ground
The fitness domain is crowded with many small and medium businesses, but very few of them offers specially curated products. Unlike other businesses curates the right product for a specific user. For an example; if a user is looking for a basic product like ‘wheatgrass powder’ may come across multiple brands, which can confuse the customer. However, on SuperFit’s website, the categories are narrowed by to almost under 5-10% brands, which eventually helps the customer to choose the needed product easily. In addition to this technology, the limitation cannot stop the company to reach its customers due to the click and mortar model it follows. SuperFit Asia also offers doorstep personal training services with real trainers, and soon it is planning to be a hi-tech company by adding a layer of technology, that will eventually enable it to go beyond wearable devices.
Sky is the Limit
Now is focusing on reaching the ever-booming corporate sector, as the urban India thrives in that sector. According to the company, corporates are inculcating healthy living habits and wellness programs for their employees. SuperFit’s products, teams of professional trainers are capable of helping the urban audience to take control of their health. However, the company’s main future focus would be making health and fitness products & services available to smaller town and cities.

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