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Sunworks: The Complete Solar Solutions Partner

Founded in 1983, Sunworks, Inc. has emerged as a premier provider of solar power solutions for both consumers and businesses. They are a full service provider that offers all of the necessary services required to ensure that their customers receive products and solutions that exceed industry standards. Sunworks is a highly integrated business, offering in-house design, engineering, analysis, full interconnection, construction, monitoring, and on-going services. They are committed to quality construction practices that always exceed industry standards and uphold their ideals of ethics and safety.
Today, Sunworks continues to grow its presence, expanding nationally with regional and local offices. They strive to consistently deliver high quality, performance-oriented solutions for the agriculture, commercial, public works, residential, and utility industries. Their dedication to excellence is reflected in their 25-year warranty, a benchmark that they standby in order to support their customers above and beyond their expectations.
Each facet of their operation continuously updates its safety practices, utilizes new training programs, performs yearly audits and inspections, and meets all OSHA requirements. The team of Sunworks knows that in order to exceed industry standards for the customer, you have to be well-versed in both old and new ones!
Strength of Sunworks
Jim Nelson, CEO of Sunworks is a seasoned manager with on-the-ground operational experience in consulting, finance, and strategic planning for a variety of industries. Mr. Nelson has the ability to penetrate new markets with entrepreneurial zeal, making him an extremely important asset to Sunwork’s expansion goals.
Navigating through the solar industry domestically and in the abroad requires versatility which is one of Mr. Nelson’s key strengths. There are various degrees of regulation, financial hurdles, and technology standards that require a flexible approach in order to garner mass adoption for solar power.
Jim’s primary focus, and that of the company, in taking on current market problems is to focus on doing what is right for the customer, providing the best value in the industry and always doing what we say we will do.
Strategies Followed to Stay Competent
Sunworks always follows its aforementioned guiding principles: do what’s best for the customer, provide the best value in the industry, and stand by our commitments. In this ongoing, if not accelerating, world of solar power, their principles help to transcend any pivot that may occur when new or alternative technologies hit the market. From there, they field a broad range of project management skills, technical expertise, and accredited services that know how and when to leverage new technology for the customer’s advantage.  As a technology agnostic integrator, they can constantly update the design of their new systems to reflect the best quality and value the solar industry has to provide.
Innovations Highly Acclaimed and Accepted by the Industry
When it comes to comparing services against another company, the team of Sunworks drill down to the specifics. They believe that “Best in class service teams, viable financial models, and product quality are key factors in this competitive environment.”
Innovations such as their Rapid Rack have been acclaimed for their ability to address specifics that customers look for. The build quality of their clamp-free rack systems, combined with an outside-the-box approach to preventing production loss through extending the longevity of their products, has earned industry acclimations. Referring to innovation in their services, Jim asserts “If the can help customers save money through simple innovations over the long term than we’re doing our part to gain their business.”
Sunwork’s Contribution in Utility & Energy’s Future
Exclaiming the future of Utility &  Energy, Jim shares, “We have ongoing efforts to expand globally and address the challenges that solar power faces in different countries. Climates, geographies, utility structures, financing, and other factors play a significant role. We’re advocates for coordination on the local level within each country. We believe that our principles as a company will translate successfully and have meaning to the concerns of citizens, businesses, and government worldwide. It is up to us to meet their expectations, assure ethical responsibility, and prove that our commitment is real over the long term.”
Client’s Benefits from Sunwork
“The most important thing that we stress for our customers over the future is that we are in it with them for the long haul,” shares Jim. They have built their business around assurance. This means that they are clients’ advisor in helping them save money and Sunworks are their partner in helping them achieve energy independence. Sunworks adds a layer of services that are custom tailored to serve their business operations financially, technically, and operationally.
Comprehensive support commitments, such as their monitoring capabilities, offer a value added service for their customers. Monitoring in real-time, reporting, and alerting based on both live and historical data lets Sunworks resolve downtime issues quickly, optimize system performance, and safeguard the condition of their installation. The Sunwork’s team does this so they can focus on their core business goals. “It takes time, manpower, and resources to maintain a system and if our customers have to deal with this, then we’re not standing out among the competition,” asserts Jim.
Winning the compitition by providing future solutions to the clients, Jim asserts, “Future projections matter when it comes to helping our customers with their operational budgets as it pertains to electrical consumption. It makes us more competitive, agile to their needs, and provides assurances that we want them to succeed.”