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Sunandini Verma, Founder and CEO, Amrev Media

Sunandini Verma: A Paradigm of an Adaptive Leader

Fueled by passion for her work, Sunandini Verma embarked on her entrepreneurial drive and founded Amrev Media Inc, to create impactful growth.

“Leadership is about understanding and observing people that you work with, whether co-workers or clients, we are all more similar in ways than different,” clarifies Sunandini.

Sunandini believes that her greatest power is the ability to compartmentalize each aspect of her life. She maintains a grounded sense of self and skills required to be a strong leader, regardless of what’s going on in other aspects, projects, or interactions.

Bring YOUR Vision to Life

Amrev’s mission is to create revolutionary technologies and ease implementation through high accessibility. It is driven by creating unique solutions for its B2B clients by bringing their vision to life. It takes clients on the full journey from idea, design, development to user acquisition.

Sunandini shares, “Through the countless rollouts, I learned that it’s important for us to have our tools. We have created a plethora of tools, apps, and technologies on the blockchain internally to have a B2C/ SaaS option for our business model. We have focused on technology as a service, and now we can proudly say we’re thriving in service and product niches.”

Amrev Media has adapted the remote work culture since the beginning. Sunandini expresses that remote work requires strong organizational skills and an ability to trust your team to fulfill their work. She notes, “I am not a micromanager, but I am detailed. I expect the work to be completed correctly and timely, how and when it happens, I do not feel the need to manage. I find it freeing to allow people to work the way they want, from wherever in the world. We hope to sustain that model with our growth, having only the necessary team onsite.”

The Foresight of the Next Major Shifts

Sunandini states that it is important to sustain stability regarding economic growth in the rapidly changing business world. She mentions, “I feel a necessary change is financial literacy, especially modern-day banking, payment processing, crypto, etc. True financial freedom and consistent economic development can only be sustained through education.” 

What the Future Holds

Sunandini believes it is critical to maintaining her identity as a person, regardless of the ups and downs of the enterprises she is associated with. She wants Amrev Media and its several products to have the impact she envisioned when she first started. She aims to make a difference financially and in people’s daily lives and enterprises. It’s all about making people’s lives better, and those are the items that last.

A Guiding Light

Sunandini’s most important piece of advice to everyone, regardless of what business you want to start, is to concentrate on who you are and what you project internally. “Who you are as an individual should not be defined by things that are a variable to change outside of you- that includes your business. The story that you feel about yourself is the one you project and what people will perceive. If you are clear on your vision, the variables in between do not matter, and circumstances are not who you are internal,” Sunandini concludes.