You are currently viewing Sun Dew Solutions Pvt. Ltd.: Multifaceted & Award Winning IT Company Enriching Ecommerce Industry!

Sun Dew Solutions Pvt. Ltd.: Multifaceted & Award Winning IT Company Enriching Ecommerce Industry!

With the industry growing and expanding every day, the enterprises are finding it more challenging, critical and difficult to use their creativity, talent, and skills to strive in the industry. With so many options, ecommerce companies are facing a bad time deciding what to get and where and to decide technological choices. So, to help enterprises get rid of all such challenges enters Sun Dew Solutions Pvt. Ltd., an award-winning, multi-skilled IT Services & Solutions Company with a highly proficient workforce. With a decade of experience in providing cross-platform IT solutions to a global clientele, Sun Dew Solutions Pvt. Ltd. have made a niche for itself in the global IT marketplace.
Headquartered in Kolkata, India, the company has correspondence presence in the USA, Dubai, and Switzerland. They are Award-Winning agency, known to deliver the most sound and superior IT solutions globally across diverse verticals like Healthcare, Travel Retail, Online Retail, Fashion, Insurance, BFSI, Manufacturing, Education, Insurance, Telecommunication, Legal & Law, Entertainment, Real Estate and Travel & Hospitality.
The skilled and professional workforce of the company is what Sun Dew takes pride in and enjoys working together to take the company forward to newer heights. They offer a stunning blend of updated technological skills, innovative ideas and of course the touch of creativity in every aspect of design and development that they do.
The company believes and strictly follows the ideology of Dream Big to Achieve Big and that is what helps Sun Dew Solutions to win several awards and earn recognition for years. Due to this attitude of doing something better, the company has successfully completed about 700+ projects and satisfied over 190+ clients across all continents. Few of their valued global customers are Flemingo International, Porsche Design, Go Duty Free, DFS, Mumbai Duty-Free, Jet Airways, Boubyan Bank – Kuwait, Eva Lobo London, Neeva D London, CSM Bakery Products-USA, Johnson Insurance-USA, Swiss College of Management, P.C. Chandra Jewellers, Nokia, and many more. 
Delivering Products and Services with the Right Quality:
Sun Dew Solutions is driven by the policy “Customer First”, for their quality of services and steady performance over the past years, the Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industries (BCCI) have given them and their CEO Sarbajit Das, a prideful recognition of entrepreneurship for two consecutive years in 2015 and 2016. They also won the Best E-Commerce Solution Partner in the east award by ITPV Media Awards in 2016.
The most in demand services of Sun Dew Solutions are Business Consulting, Enterprise E-Commerce Solutions, Travel Retail Solutions, Enterprise Mobility, Product Development and Bespoke Web Design & Development. They further have enterprise level products for Duty Free & Travel Retail Businesses, In-flight Duty-Free Sales Solutions for Airlines and Ecommerce Suit with Analytical Dashboard for Retail Companies.
About the Successful Entrepreneur Leading the Successful Enterprise:
About ten years ago in 2007, Sarbajit Das, Founder, and CEO of Sun Dew Solutions Pvt. Ltd. started the company with the money he had saved from overtime work as a freelancer during his college days. Founded Sun Dew as an IT solutions company which was into programming and web designing only at the point of time, the firm today has spread its core expertise across segments of enterprise application development, business consulting, BI & Analytics, Mobility Solutions & ecommerce.
Sarbajit has an interesting academic background with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering from West Bengal University of Technology and a certificate of excellence on Network Management as a part of In-Company Training Program from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta. Apart from his excellent academic and professional career, the entrepreneur is known for his genuine activeness as a volunteer with organization like The Hope Foundation, serving the needy for a social and humanitarian cause. He is also actively involved in mentoring upcoming startups from Kolkata and is also associated with initiatives of reputed IIT KGP and other Tech Colleges in and around the city to promote Entrepreneurship visions amongst the young generation.
In spite of facing terrible economic downfalls during recession period of 2008-2009, Sarbajit did hold on to his ambition and did his best to take forward the newly incepted business. He said, “We somehow managed to survive taking small projects and delivering them real fast. Times were really tough and we were just trying to live through it. We started doing projects at a very low cost, with clients pushing us to our very limits, paying us way below industry standards.”
He further added, “Today I can say with pride that there wasnt even a rupee in borrowing, from any individual or Banks for the company till now.He stated the strategy behind this as “We always wanted to stay lean and build through our earnings to keep the company debt free and take calculated measures in getting volume business as it wasnt a time to be choosy; we took local projects, freelance work to sustain ourselves. The key was to revive the business by building volume.
Simple Strategies and Trust Leads the Company towards its Goal:
Till date Sun Dew doesn’t spend much on marketing and advertisement or other promotional activities, instead, they rely on organic growth through their website and growing trust among customers and their word of mouth of the company and references. Sun Dew as a team is collaborative, mindful and aggressive by nature, listens to their clients’ problems, envisions their dream as their own and applies a transparent process to impress the clients through their business outcomes. In short, Sun Dew is delivering a perfect ROI to all their clients for a decade now. The company is quite reputed for their aesthetics and design services across all segments.
For the near future, Sun Dew envisions them to be 100 Seater Company and geographically expanding to regions like South East Asia, Australia and parts of UAE, without compromising on the professionalism, competency, quality and ethics of the company.

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