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SUMO Scheduler: A Leading Platform for Appointment Scheduling

As businesses strive to be agiler, there is a growing demand for technological solutions that will provide them with a competitive edge. Online appointment scheduling software is one such business solution that enterprise companies are looking to add to their technology stack.
Among large sales and support teams, one of the greatest deterrents to accomplishing their daily tasks is time spent on manually scheduling appointments. These teams can spend up to twenty-five percent of their time not only manually scheduling but also rescheduling customer appointments. Sales and support staff find the time that should be spent on revenue-generating activities gets swallowed up by manual work involved in scheduling an appointment with a prospect or customers. The work tends to be the back and forth of email and phone correspondence and cross-referencing various spreadsheets and calendars to find a mutually acceptable meeting time. Adding further to the difficulty of appointment scheduling is having to try to reconnect with a prospect or customer after missed meetings or rescheduling requests. These activities are not only a waste of every team member’s time and company resources, they create a great potential for human error. Ultimately the time that sales and support teams spend on manually scheduling appointments can become a source of lost revenue and customer attrition.
Recognizing the bottleneck that appointment scheduling creates for their business, companies are actively searching for online appointment scheduling solutions. Studies have shown that global online appointment scheduling market is expected to grow at an annual growth rate of 9.80% in the next five years.
SUMO Scheduler solves these pain points that arise from manual scheduling for large teams. As an application built 100% native on the world’s number one CRM, Salesforce, many industry-leading organizations have increased appointment volumes, internal productivity, customer satisfaction and revenue by implementing SUMO’s platform.
SUMO’s solution is comprised of several different solutions that work together to make a powerful scheduling platform – the online scheduler, the assignment engine, the reminder engine, and the analytics engine. The online scheduler allows customers to self-schedule appointments online 24/7 from any device. The assignment engine automatically handles matchmaking and scheduling of the appointments with the right team personnel. The reminder engine sends automated emails, text messages, and automated phone reminders, dictated by the customer’s choice at the time of scheduling, ensuring that no-shows are less likely. The built-in analytics allows a plethora of data-tracking from staff utilization, appointment volumes, no-shows, and more. The analytics engine also allows companies to create their own customized reports and dashboards, which are accessible in real-time on their mobile phones or tablets and can be automatically emailed to them at recurring intervals.
Jason North is the CEO and Product Architect of SUMO Scheduler. As the driver behind SUMO’s growth and innovation within the automated scheduling space, Jason’s goal for SUMO is to deliver an exceptional product that not only helps businesses reclaim their valuable time but also creates a positive user experience for both the company and their customers.
Jason’s leadership has been recognized by Forbes, Web Summit, B-Corporation “Top 10% in the World”, CRN Media’s “Top Cloud Companies”. Committed to best practices and keeping abreast of changes in the SaaS space, the CEO also collaborates with 20 peer CEOs monthly as a member of both the Global SaaS Forum and the ISV Leaders Guild. Jason has spent more than a decade as an executive manager, overseeing sales, operations, finance, and marketing for top Silicon Valley software companies.
As a serial entrepreneur with over eighteen years of CRM expertise working with companies like SugarCRM, Oracle, and SAP, his last decade of expertise has been focused on the and platforms. Before founding SUMO Scheduler, Jason was founder and CEO of ForceBrain, a consultancy that helped customers successfully implement and utilize the Salesforce CRM through coaching, deployment, and development services.
Delivering Excellence While Establishing Expertise
Before founding SUMO Scheduler, Jason built up a successful Salesforce consultancy called ForceBrain. He and his team of Salesforce experts became a trusted Salesforce consulting and product development partner. SUMO Scheduler evolved out of creating better technical solutions for their customers. During the development stages of SUMO, Jason and his ForceBrain team were finding many of their clients were managing their appointment scheduling processes with spreadsheets, paper, and emails.
The team started building custom scheduling solutions for Salesforce customers since a native solution did not exist on the platform. After several years of developing subject matter expertise in scheduling automation, Jason decided to devote all efforts to bring the scheduling solution to market. Pivoting from ForceBrain to SUMO Scheduler in 2013, the company has been focused on mid-size to large enterprise organizations since its inception.
Organizations that employ SUMO Scheduler have seen an average increase of appointments by 70 percent, productivity increases of at least 25 percent, and a 27 percent rise in revenue generation.
Robust and Powerful Architecture
SUMO sets itself apart from the competition with its robust and powerful architecture. Being the only natively-built appointment scheduling application on Salesforce assures a company’s valuable data does not travel far from their Salesforce account. With a comprehensive set of security certifications that support the secure scheduling of thousands of appointments, the platform offers bank-grade security, a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee, and enterprise Service Level Agreements. The platform also supports enterprise compliance standards with certifications in SAS 70 Type II and ISO 27001.
Three Key Beliefs Driving SUMO
At the core of what drives Jason and his team at SUMO are some basic tenets that have helped SUMO Scheduler to thrive in the highly competitive space of online appointment scheduling. The most important of them are Adaptability, Tenacity, and Teamwork.

  1. Adaptability: SUMO Scheduler’s adaptability in the face of internal and external growth and resilience regarding any change in opportunities, goals, and needs of the company creates an empowering environment.
  2. Tenacity: The persistence to facilitate and support this growth and change is another attribute that gives the company a competitive edge.
  3. Teamwork: It’s the most notable quality of the company. A team with a results-oriented focus works together to support each other across departments. Every single employee of the company effort their best to provide customers a reliable solution and plays an important role in SUMO’s success.

Implementing More Features to Deliver Best-in-Class Solutions
SUMO has successfully earned the business of several Fortune 500 organizations through their heavy focus on their needs. Not inclined to complacency, the company is constantly developing and improving the platform, considering feature requests from customers, adding more support-focused integrations and calendar sync optimizations.
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