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Suiting up, Challenging Stereotypes and Changing Worlds

What if we were compelled to imagine that Marie Curie hadn’t founded the science of Radioactivity, and hadn’t driven ambulances equipped with x-ray machines to the frontline during the First World War? Similarly, what if Margaret Thatcher, hadn’t taken up the responsibility of being Britain’s first female prime minister during a time of economic and political unrest? What if Amelia Earhart never made the record breaking flight of fourteen thousand feet, and never became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic? These are just a few notable women and just a few inevitable questions provoking the curiosity of comprehending a world without powerful women.
Instances where we’ve witnessed women taking the lead are deemed to have incited revolutions. I personally believe, with no intentions of objectifying anyone, a woman is a museum where priceless artifacts in the form of knowledge and experiences, narrate tales of self-belief, fortitude, contentment and compassion are on display, while we are mere visitors, trying to realize and learn from her history and her present. As men, valuing each woman by being unbiased and uncondescending must become our responsibility; understanding that a woman is the evident source of our very lives, must become our devotion; and striving to bring about the extinction of patriarchy, must become our resolution.
Recalling my days of adolescence, my mother, a nurse by profession, played a major role in building my character, both, as a responsible citizen and a man with values and morals that rebelled against gender discrimination. Even today, I watch her going to work, with her pride studded on her shoulders, her sense of purpose being avidly displayed by her smile and the unwavering confidence she conveys through her conversations, all inspire me to become as composed as her. All throughout my life, I’ve met and associated with many such remarkable women, who’ve inspired me to be a better human.
However, over the past few decades, the considerable ascension in the number of women in STEM disciplines, exhibits a promising picture of a gender neutral global development. The women of today’s technological era are achieving this by inciting their intrinsic qualities of democratic leadership, unwavering grit and ardent commitment towards their passion, which results in unparalleled success and excellence in one’s filed of expertise.
The point of all this, is that I wish to place the spotlight over those women in uniforms and suits, who’ve been instrumental in the disruption of the commercial world. Women, who have transformed industries, aided global ascensions of organizations and managed to do all this by constantly balancing their work and family. Women, who’ve changed lives, who’ve shouldered the foundations of the 21st century progressive society, and women who’ve even moved the mountains of a detrimental society just to make their voice reach out.
With the motto of promoting women empowerment and a gender just work environment, in our issue, “The 20 Most Successful Shepreneurs to watch in 2018,” we aim to identify a few such influential women, who’ve marked their presence in the world of science, technology, and a myriad of other disciplines and the entrepreneurial world, who’ve treaded a path of hardships and failures, but emerged victorious by overcoming them.