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‘Success Mantra Is To Embrace New Technology, Give Chance To Young Talent’

As we all know Internet of Things is capturing most of the world’s market. Analysis says that by 2020 there would be 50 billion connected devices.
The innovations that occurred in the 20th century are responsible for the global challenges of the 21st century.., no doubt new technology will solve a lot of global problems like food, energy, health etc.
One of the biggest breakthrough in technology is the cloud computing. IT innovation and agility are two main things what cloud computing can help., cloud computing is becoming the hub for operational infrastructure. Big data, generated through Internet of things, is an important factor for organizations to adopt the cloud. Existing organizations are willing to invest in improvement of existing Cloud solutions and we will see more and more such companies coming forward in investing for this development. 3-D printing again makes a great breakthrough where a customers personalized stuff can be done in a batch size, thus meeting business and consumer demands with the correct specifications.
The most important of all what we need to watch is the ‘Project Loon’ from google which is supposed to be launched in a couple of years where helium balloons are launched where Billions of people can get online at a time.
There are tons of other emerging technologies. But according to me the most important ones to be on the radar are the IoT(Internet of things), Cloud and the Project Loon… because.. Whatever you are, these three connect you wherever you are.. make you do whatever you want to.. make you realise whatever you have dreamt of. All provided taken in the right manner.
Big Data being one more great inventions in technology has been saving millions of dollars for many organizations. Big data simply help process structured and unstructured data which cannot be processed using traditional methods. This increases the efficiency of a company to act, deliver and track faster than earlier methods. This looks simple, but may have many important features attached to it. UPS is an example with its 10 Million customers, sending 18 million tracking requests a day.. Would need something called Big data to assist them to streamline their operations and save money and increase efficiency.
Whatever we spoke above is about few emerging technologies.. But the limitations are heavy.. Where are the required skills to perform all these? Are the government assisting in research and project services? Are sufficient funds being invested to train people to perform these highly talented skills? The answer is NO. We still have an acute shortage of skills for most of the emerging technologies and there is a big gap there.
Government and big corporate fundings on research and training on these skills at a nominal and affordable price is very much important to get those talented IT guys to do many of these. In a country like India and China.. I have seen plenty of talented youth who is deprived of getting training on these due to heavy costs involved and a narrow approach by some corporate giants to monopolize the market is killing young talent.
Entrepreneurs are taking a lot of challenges when dealing with big corporate giants… entrepreneurs are killing themselves with indigestion. They do not know when to say NO to a client.. They need everything and they cannot deliver. This is nothing but GREED. Get off it.. Work on what you can digest. Entrepreneurs need to create a work culture where they can retain skilled workers or Talent to build their company. With increased federal regulations, laws, etc. They are over-burdened with other priorities than maintaining a healthy flow stream of what is mainly required.
To get the required funding is one of the main problems what current entre-preneurs are facing.. So we see many companies fail on the verge of being successful. To end this note.. Everything is with you as an entre-preneur. Thinking of being an Entre-preneur itself is a great success.. Then why can’t you take the boat to the shore? If it’s fear – get over it and I always believe in “ Every Entrepreneur has his day.”