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Strong Increase in Retail Sales Boost Economic Perspective

US Retail Sales has increased drastically from June, this sudden increase in sales could be considered through analysing increased consumer spending, which could help to direct the existing economic condition even from the weakest business investment.
On Tuesday, a report was stated through a commerce department that, the sudden rise in sales will  not change market expectations whereas the federal reserves will cut interest rates by this month for the first time after a decade.
Due to such fluctuating market conditions, the US central bank has probably decided to cut interest rates by 50 basis points at its July 30-31 policy meeting with foreseen market conditions.
As per various sources, the Chairman of Fed ‘Jerome Powell’ said in an interview that, the central bank would “act as appropriate” to protect the economy against risks incited through the trade war between the US and China, which also resulted in slowing down the global growth.
A Corporate economist at Navy Federal Credit Union in Vienna, Virginia—Robert Frick said in a report, “It certainly will counteract weak business spending to some degree.” With further adding he said, “Given that the Fed is most worried about foreign economies and the threat of an escalating trade war, it is unlikely to dissuade them from cutting rates soon.”
The Retail sales has increased by 0.4% in the last month as many households stepped up with their purchases of Motor Vehicles and many other variety of goods. With eliminating Automobiles, Gasoline, Construction materials and Food services—the retail sales took a leap of 0.7% in the last month after its rise by 0.6% in the month of May.  With further analysis, It is clearly observed that June’s strong gain in its core retail sales, arrives from the solid increase in the sales from the month of April and May, which showed its acceleration through its consumer’s spending in the second quarter of a year. It is also observed that consumer spending also grew at its immense pace by the first quarter of a year.