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Streamliner Consulting

Streamliner Consulting: Optimizing IT Infrastructure for Small Businesses

In an interview with Insights Success, John Barber, Founder of Streamliner Consulting, shares insights on various services offered by his company including IT service Management and Customer Services operations. Also, he broadly discusses the company’s core competencies and its establishment in the market.
Below are the highlights of the interview conducted between John and Insights Success:
What are the cutting-edge products/solutions offered by Streamliner Consulting?
We are primarily focused on evaluating business processes, finding the inefficiencies and ineffectiveness in those processes, and then recommending solutions to remove the gaps. Additionally we help to roadmap process/operations maturity plans and develop the marketing, training and reporting necessary to enable process and culture change.
Describe the experiences, achievements or lessons learnt that have shaped the journey of the company.
It all started when my mother in law asked me to review the dispatching processes and develop some material to cross train staff at her plumbing and remodeling company, during that evaluation I identified several inefficiencies and help them to remove them with some additional software automation, with the result of an productivity increase of the staff. Then I realized that many small and medium companies must be living with expensive, risky, manual processes and could use the knowledge attained from working at much larger companies for so many year.
What are the challenges faced while providing IT consulting and Staffing Solutions and how is Streamliner Consulting serving to tackle them?
The biggest challenge is always adoption of new processes and tools by the staff. People get comfortable with how they do things and change is difficult. Streamliner Consulting gets to know the front line staff and individualizes the communications and training of new processes and tools to achieve quicker adoption and help the company realize business value rapidly.
What according to you could be the potential future of IT consulting and Staffing Solutions and how does Streamliner Consulting envision sustaining its competency?
IT consulting should look to expand outside of IT, I find that many of the concepts in ITIL are relevant to most any other business process or service offering. HR for example handles Incidents all the time, but often they suffer from poor case management solutions and processes, and miss trends that show larger problems.
Where does Streamliner Consulting see itself in the long run and what are its future goals?
Streamliner Consulting will continue to be there when companies need them, as we encounter like-minded individuals looking to move away from enterprise companies to help make a difference in small and medium sized business world we will help bring them along the way.
Give us a few testimonials of your clients that accurately highlight Streamliner Consulting’s position in the market.
Streamliner Consulting went above and beyond the scope by providing excellent work.
They understood our business challenge and responded appropriately.
They’ve been a valuable resource and I still reach out with any questions or concerns.
About the Company
While Streamliner supports clients at all levels of business, it focuses on small and medium sized businesses, because these businesses have the same process waste and carry the same types of risk as enterprise companies, but often don’t have the means to have a full-time business analysts and process improvement engineers. Streamliner is committed to make its clients business more efficient and effective by improving processes and procedures. By using an agile development approach, it helps businesses with all the support tools they need to be successful.
Streamliner has extensive experience designing processes and then building the requirements to support those processes using tools like ServiceNow.  The company also includes Customer Service operations in its services. It believes that Customers want to be able to reach its services easily and to receive results in a timely manner for whatever they are contacting the company regarding
About the leader
After working 12 years in large corporations such as Expedia and ServiceNow, John decided to use his skills and knowledge to help small to medium sized businesses. John recognized in 2016 that many small and medium sized businesses don’t have the regular business analysis resources to regularly evaluate and improve their processes, procedures and supporting tools and because of this they often suffer from lost productivity and profit potential that they sometimes don’t even realize. By adapting and expanding the IT Service Management best practices, known to help enterprise level corporations be more efficient, effective and profitable at delivering their services, to the small to medium sized businesses, Streamliner Consulting is dedicated to maximizing our clients business potential, while balancing the cost of improvements.
John has worked in the Service Management field for over 10 years for several Fortune 500 companies. Prior to Streamliner, he has worked for BECU as Senior Business Analyst in IT Service Management. At ServiceNow he worked as a Senior Program Manager in Enterprise Problem Management. He has also worked with various other enterprises including Expedia, T-Mobile and Encompass Teleservices.
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