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@Stream: Helping Clients to Transform Businesses

Organizations across the globe are adopting various cloud solutions to grow faster, serve better, and transform their business processes. One such cloud application is Oracle which helps its users to grow over the years in such a way that now more than 25,000 organizations across the planet are using the Oracle Cloud Solutions. In addition to all this, more than 1000 SaaS applications are being delivered to customers in 195 countries. However, integrating professional resources in an effective manner has always been a challenge for various organizations since ages. So, with the belief of providing right value and seamless adoption process to clients through consultation as a life mission, @Stream enters the foray under the tireless leadership of three excellent business leaders.
An Organization Focused to Reform Business Process
Since 2001, @Stream has been constantly working to reform business processes, improvement of business management and corporate governance of its clients. The company’s typical consulting approach is that it defines business management policy or business process reform. Further, to realize the client’s business strategies, @Stream initially conceptualizes, and then designs and implements the information systems to acquire a competitive advantage. Adding to all these for improvement of business management and ERP, the Japan-based company conducts consulting services under Oracle solutions.
Dynamic Founders of @Stream
@Stream Corporation was founded back in 2001 by 5 founders and now 3 leaders remain to run their own service lines. Mr. Hiroshi Daikuya, the CEO & Partner of @Stream, serves as the service leader in an area of performance evaluation, costing, and sales strengths improvement training. He has also served in Arthur Andersen and he is a Certified Public Accountant. Mr. Satoshi Adachi (Partner) is the leader of managerial accounting, business intelligence, information systems design and implementation, & overall Oracle solution related services. He has a vast experience of serving in companies like IBM, Arthur Andersen and Bearing Point which is now PWC. Mr. Masahito Nakahira (Partner) is a leader in production management and SCM re-engineering service. He has served in companies like Arthur Anderson, Daiwa Bank, Rohm and Bearing Point (now PWC). All three of them are brilliant leaders with vast expertise in areas like business structures remodeling, new business development strategy, organizational change and transformation, marketing and sales force reengineering, corporate strategy based information systems planning, SCM innovation and information system design for ERP re-engineering, which has helped the company to scale new heights over the years.
Trends in Cloud Applications
According to Satoshi, most of their Japanese clients are interested in using cloud solution at IaaS and PaaS. However, when it comes to usage at the arena of application such as SaaS, the clients are not much aggressive. The Japanese clients, however, are being cautious when it comes to using SaaS for order fulfillment, production, logistics and R&D processes.
When Members are the Strength
Mr. Satoshi believes that the real strength of @Stream lies in their members, who have gained a considerable amount of knowledge and experience in large consulting firms, and specializes in Accounting and Financial Management, IT systems planning & implementation, Performance improvement and HR development. As per Satoshi, all the members of @Stream love to be challenged by the consulting service deliveries, which cannot be executed in global consulting firms.
The Automatic Choice for Clients
Currently at business management, especially in the areas of managerial accounting and business intelligence, @Stream provides consulting services using Oracle cloud solutions, in a step-by-step upgrades approach. During the first step, to get stable growth of cloud business, @Stream declares this service expansion as its priority. To increase customer satisfaction and for the betterment of customer experience, the company is currently working on developing a new consulting methodology by using Oracle Cloud Solutions.
Rocky Path to Success
When it comes to consulting services related cloud applications, it is a completely different ballgame altogether from the usual service as seen on on-premise system implementation. It has very short durations, lower pricing, and multiple projects that can run parallelly. In addition to that, @Stream is completely committed to accomplishing its goals. To meet its goals, if any unprecedented situations arise during the project, @Stream works alongside its client to reach to the bottom of the issue to find a solution and to fulfill its goal.
Future Goals
@Stream’s services related cloud applications are still in the process of development, so the impacts of those are not so high. Currently, the company is working on the business model development, which will play a big role in future cloud application service markets. @Stream aims to exceed the expectations of the clients and wants to be recognized as trusted partners. During the process of achieving the aim, @Stream conducts Process Innovation Seminars, which is a great place to share all the experiences that it has gained and to build better networks among its clients and business partners. Along with that, it conducts a workshop named @Stream Academy to stimulate knowledge and abilities among participants each year. Additionally, the company’s mission and vision are to help various Japanese firms to gain the corporate competitiveness. So, to achieve the vision, Satoshi and his expert teams at @Stream are trying hard to enhance their own capabilities in tackling client’s issues raised in the global environment.

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