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Strativity Group: Expert Analysts, Insightful Strategists, and Action-Oriented Consultants

Helping clients incorporate their customer experience into the strategy of the organization, Strativity Group is assessing clients about what is the brand? What is the business strategy of the organization and how does the customer experience incorporate into that?
Strativity conducts journey mapping, validation through 360 degree quantitative and qualitative drill-downs to understand the perceptions of all stakeholders.  From what customers experience and want to why employees are behaving the way they are through the experience, what the processes are, etc. This assessment enables Strativity to see the gaps and opportunities in the experience, which helps them design the ideal experience against the brand promise, look at different styles of customers/personas, what services they want, etc. and then design a specified approach to the ideal experience.
Subsequently, Strativity conducts an analysis of economics of customer experience to be able to model what touch points and ideas have the most financial impact on the organization. Then they create an action plan for the organization, as well as a governance model and then roll it out in the organization. This includes Leadership Training, Employee Training and a Sustainability Model.
Customer Centric Strategy Development and Execution
Strativity helps the clients first understand the customer journey, design a customer experience strategy and then help them deploy it. There are different elements in the strategy like voice of customer, cultural transformation, experience innovation, measurement program and employee training.
Most of the players in the industry start and end with technology. Being different,    Strativity starts with people and strategy and ends with execution. The technology is a tool. There are players in the analytics space, in the customer space, they produce numbers, contrary to them Strativity produce results. Strativity understands that just because an organization knows the customer satisfaction score doesn’t mean they are going to do something about it. Strativity helps organizations develop the experience, set the strategy and engage employees to deliver.  Strativity takes responsibility for the complete process, the operational strategy – not just for the numbers.
Lior Arussy, President of Strativity Group completed his undergraduate degree at Case Western Reserve University and received his MBA from Weatherhead School of Management. Prior to establishing Strativity Group, Mr. Arussy held executive positions at Hewlett-Packard among other companies.
Mr. Arussy elaborates his experience saying, “My background is in technology. I was an executive at HP and Nice, among other technology companies. My clients always told me the tool doesn’t solve the problem. A tool is just a tool. They were lacking an operational and strategic context to be successful using customer experience management tools and that was the reason Strativity was born. Clients were buying tools without knowing how to properly utilize them. Customer experience management is not a tool; it’s a strategy in the organization. We developed a proprietary methodology that guides our clients to get to deploy successful customer experience programs and that’s the essence of the organization. We are providing them with a whole set of capabilities and guidance to fulfill the promise of customer experience management.” 
Mr. Arussy is also the author of six books including the recently released book Exceptionalize it! and Customer Experience Strategy. In addition, he has published over 250 articles in publications around the world including the Harvard Business Review.