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Stilog: Streamlining Operations to Drive Productivity

Stilog is a global software editing company founded in France in 1991. It develops innovative time-saving applications for major multinational companies, including tailor-made IT projects and Visual Planning, their collaborative scheduling platform.
Visual Planning is used by more than 5,000 companies and over 200,000 individual users around the world. A dedicated team of consultants assists with each implementation to ensure that maximum utilization of the system’s capabilities.
Stilog’s best-in-class customized development services are sought out by major global firms in the most demanding industries, from aeronautics to energy.
Strong Leadership 
Christophe Poirmeur is the Co-founder & CEO of Stilog. He comes from a scientific background and has a PhD in Geophysics.
Christophe used to specialize in mapping and building digital representations of soil for the oil & gas industry. In the ‘90s, Visual Planning focused on bringing advanced graphical representations & UI to the office productivity/business software world, which was not really going in that direction.
Christophe has helped to foster a customer-centric culture at Stilog, one that is geared towards problem solving and efficiency. He is constantly on the lookout for better, more comprehensive solutions to issues that his clients face and has steered clear of a cookie cutter approach.
Versatile Visual Planning 
Every business that needs to schedule and manage resources effectively can benefit from Stilog’s solutions. Visual Planning has a diverse portfolio of features and can be adapted to each customer, including packages for smaller business that need a narrower range of capabilities. The remarkable flexibility of Visual Planning and its features means that organizations can create schedules and reports from the ground up. Depending on what the client needs, they can employ one or more of the platform’s versatile tools:

  • Visual Planning for employee tracking
  • Visual Planning for project management
  • Visual Planning for field service and maintenance

Stilog strives to stay aligned with market trends and provide its clients with the resource management aids that allow them to excel. Mobility and field updates are very important today and Stilog’s VP Go app, available on both iOS and Android, incorporates geolocation features to assist in that regard.
When the Goal is to Make Clients Happy 
Stilog works around the clock to deliver quality to its customers at every step of their interaction.
Visual Planning’s field service scheduling software is matched to every client’s processes so they can make the best out of their after sales service. Stilog also helps clients to build the application that best fits their business requirements, transfers knowledge so they can get the most out of the software, and supports them at every stage of the partnership.
Standing Out from the Competition 
Visual Planning from Stilog is a fully tailor-made application. The capacity to customize the application and the extreme flexibility of Visual Planning makes the company stand out from the crowd of competitors.
Before starting a project, a Stilog consultant goes through the customer’s project requirements to plan the best schedule for their needs. Visual Planning then creates a solution 100% compatible with the client’s business.
Past, Present and Future 
Stilog has come a long way since its creation in 1991. The company has a strong network of partners all over Western Europe, which is a powerful asset that accelerates its growth internationally.
In 2013, Stilog made a foray into the American market with Visual Planning. A year later, they created Stilog Inc. and opened an office in Hoboken, New Jersey, a move underpinned by their commitment to providing exceptional service and support to every customer, everywhere. In 2014, the organization joined the ICEGroup which enabled faster growth and more means for future projects.
Stilog plans to keep improving and expanding Visual Planning to provide its customers with powerful features to run their business more efficiently. Stilog’s another goal is to create a new line of product, 100% SaaS with only the essential features for specific scheduling need.
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