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Steve Cowan: A Born Leader Driving Growth with Insight and Experience

A leader is expected to be a lot of things. More often than not, he is the epitome of all the expectations that everyone else cannot be, held accountable often by the same people. Human expectations are not fair and neither is the undue pressure that accompanies it as baggage. However, some people are born to turn expectations into opportunities and the pressure into unparalleled fervor. Such leaders navigate the sea of expectations successfully to sail the boat of life towards the boundless horizon of a perfect future. At the end of a long and hard working day, these people are cherished and valued no matter what. These leaders are treasured regardless of whether anyone on their team realizes what lies ahead in the big blue ocean – because they know they can always count on someone to lead.
A Natural Instinct Sharpened By Education
Steve Cowan is one such natural born leader. His seamless energy and positive attitude makes him an instant favorite among business leaders. Steve understood at an early age that he wanted to lead and followed his gut instinct with the most applicable degree of Bachelors and Masters in Business Administration. He studied at Wilfrid Laurier University during his undergraduate degree and attended the prestigious Schulich School of Business for his postgraduate education. It was always clear to Steve that his place in life was carved out to be a leader and he never fell short of his own expectations.
A Business Philosophy That Drives the Raw Instinct 
Steve built his professional life with a rock solid philosophy. His focus has always been to put forth the best effort and get things done the right way. He is currently the President and CEO of Jonas Construction Group, which offers a top-of-the-line business management and accounting software to clients. At Jonas Construction, Steve drives his team with positivity to achieve the main goal of continually growing and improving the business. His feat is exceptional as his education did not carve out a straightforward path for him to lead a team of technology experts.
A Glimpse of Success is All that is Ever Needed   
Steve has learned from his many challenging experiences as a professional to gain useful insights at every step of his career. He found a job as a business analyst in the software industry after his graduation. Steve overturned what may have seemed like a pure coincidence of fate to others, into a priceless opportunity. He made himself at home in the software industry and worked relentlessly to build the foundations of great software products. He worked at software companies that aided telecommunications, payroll management and ultimately at the Jonas Group, which at the time, built websites for golf courses. That opportunity came his way 12 years ago, and today, Steve leads the Jonas Group as the CEO to steer the company’s ship towards a prosperous future.
A Vision that Unleashes Passion   
The Jonas Construction Group today offers a software suite that helps construction companies perform job costing, accounting, project management, service management, as well as document and drawing management. This software can be used on any device. In order to build such a comprehensive product, Steve took an unconventional path. He allowed his team of members to experiment and take risks. He selected an outstanding bunch of people and put in place processes that granted his team full autonomy in good faith. Steve believes that this is the way forward to meet the competitive software industry head-on. Software can easily become outdated in a highly innovative market, which is why Steve guides and mentors employees to adopt a fearless attitude towards failure.
A Road of Certain Uncertainties That Lies Ahead
Today, Jonas Construction Software offers two main product lines. These product lines are: Enterprise and Premier. These products are designed to help businesses improve productivity and increase profitability. Over a thousand companies across North America leverage Jonas Construction Software to manage their day-to-day operations. Steve led the company through one of their most successful years in 2017, which is an impressive feat, especially within the construction industry. Steve continues to learn and keep an open mind, and is focused on continually surrounding himself with a group of strong individuals at all times. At the top of his career success, Steve understands and remembers that a good leader is as good as his ability to spot and eliminate a weakness time and again, every day.
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