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StepShot: Simplified Manual Creation

StepShot is a simple yet powerful software for creating online documentation. It simplifies the process and fills a role previously only possible with the help of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).
The company was founded in 2009 as a short, one-person project. Hard work and a huge team effort shaped StepShot into a fully-fledged company that simplifies the IT documentation process through effective, real-life solutions.
The company was officially established in February 2016 with its headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia. ‘Startup Wise Guys’, the leading B2B tech accelerator in Europe, cemented the project and StepShot has now grown to serve over 5000 customers globally.
The company witnessed extraordinary progress in 2017. The team expanded multiple times, uniting different but equally motivated personalities around one idea—creating a unique solution for employee onboarding and productivity.
It also released a new product, StepShot Guides, and launched it as a deal on AppSumo. The launch was a commercial success and received dozens of inspiring reviews. Now, the company is planning to roll out a new version of the product called StepShot Guides PRO, an upgraded all-in-one documentation solution.
About the Trailblazer
Sasha Reminnyi, founder & CEO at StepShot is a great example of a good team leader.
He has an extensive technical background, including 11 years in IT, and knows how to run a business well. Sasha understands that harmonious teamwork is key to real accomplishments. He focuses on motivating his employees, providing a comfortable micro-climate, and allowing maximum personal autonomy for self-development and working at the most convenient pace.
As is the case with most startup founders, Sasha has been involved with almost every department of the company. This requires constant learning and that suits Sasha’s agile approach very well.
The team operates on a ‘Best practices’ principle: do research, compare different options, create an experiment, implement if it proves to be successful, and then analyze the results.
The team agrees unanimously, “Fun but true, many candidates opt to join the team because of their first impressions speaking with the founders rather than the job offer itself. Several AppSumo customers also revealed that they decided to give StepShot Guides a try because Sasha’s openness and honesty impressed them.”
A combination of revolutionary ideas, team spirit, and Sasha’s leader’s mindset together with constant support of his co-founders COO Olga Reminna and Technical Lead Denys Korobeinikov ensures StepShot’s progress.
Popular Range of Products
StepShot Manuals is an efficient manual-creation software used for technical documentation by IT support experts, application managers, training specialists, HR departments, and consultants. It is primarily intended to serve large enterprises that lack the time to document internal standard operating procedures for home-grown software or integrated enterprise solutions such as CRMs and ERP systems.
StepShot Guides is a tool that relies on the same idea of automating the process of capturing and transferring knowledge but is designed to be used by a wider target group – business people, bloggers, one-person companies, digital marketers, small business owners, and software developers. What unites them is a desire to limit time squandered in explaining standard procedures and workflows.
StepShot Guides is often used for employee onboarding, software onboarding, creating lead magnets, team communication, and delegating tasks.
From StepShot Guides to StepShot Guides PRO
Currently, the team is working simultaneously in two directions – on constantly enhancing StepShot Guides through software updates, and on developing StepShot Guides PRO, a new version of the product.
This version will include several highly-anticipated features such as an inbuilt process diagram editor, extended annotation possibilities, and the ability to publish a guide in DOC, HTML, and video formats. It will become a unique all-in-one tool instead of the conventional combination of several apps.
Preparation started long before actual development with in-depth customer research. It is another best practice lesson the team can share: conducting surveys and personally interviewing software users helps to establish long-lasting trust and decide on features to be implemented to really match users’ needs.
Ethics that Surpass Policies
StepShot’s team always discusses new ideas and tests them internally. It is only after internal approval that the developers move forward. If something still doesn’t work as it should or if customers don’t like the outcome, the team does not hesitate to invest more time in market research and client feedback to develop the right product.
StepShot’s audience is quite diverse – depending on the product, customers vary from training specialists, IT consultants, and application managers to small business owners, digital marketers and software trainers – basically people who need to delegate. Their common need is to quickly capture and effectively transfer knowledge. This is where StepShot performs miracles.
The team was surprised to discover that the StepShot use cases are mostly related to either external (customer) or internal (employee) communication and onboarding. Now, they focus on how to make this communication even more productive regardless of the user’s occupation, industry or scale of business.
A Stunning Experience
When asked about the most memorable experience so far, the StepShot Team immediately talks about Atlassian.
One of our favorite experiences are connected with Atlassian. These guys were very open for external software vendors to join their ecosystem.
After we presented our product, we were offered a slot for promising products at the Atlassian Summit to be held a few weeks later. And that’s still not the end of the story!
During the demonstration, a man sitting in the first row screamed: “Shut up and take my money!” Who would have known that this guy was leading the IT Department at a giant US retail chain? A few months later, his company became our customer.”

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