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Stellar:Employing Best-in-Breed Technology to Provide Human Centric Solutions

There are so many channels these days for customer services, and it’s hard to know which ones your brand should be active on. Today, global customers not only have their preferred channels, but are also expecting providers to deliver the best service possible on these channels in real-time. Global contact center solution providers are trying to provide omni-channel experience through their platforms; with key differentiating factors including reach, adaptability, and credibility of provider. Stellar Asia Pacific is a seamless example. It has been providing clients with agility and flexibility in their ‘right-shoring’ contact solution since 1998. Stellar has offices across Australia, Philippines and the USA, and provides right-fit contact solutions to its clients while reducing their costs. It delivers services for a diverse client base that spans blue chip, federal government, and start-ups.
A Trusted Adviser Driving Digital Transformation 
Stellar has decades of experience as a contact center and has provided solutions with noticeable swiftness. It also believes that with changing times, the facilitator must transform its solutions and utilize best-in-breed technologies to prove its mettle in the industry. Thus, it has transformed its services, refined its trainings and workforce management to anticipate changing demands. Stellar is not only offering in-demand solutions but is also leading the client through digital transformation as a trusted adviser. It has expanded its offerings with future-focused solutions. Stellar’s product list includes conventional and modern solutions like inbound customer care, consulting, social media, web chat, virtual assistant, and self-serve. The company believes that it’s the ‘right-shore’ outsourcer for many organizations; whether their clients want to be based in Australia, Philippines, USA or a mix. It has accorded futuristic and innovative solutions to its clients, with over 92.5% of its client-base marking Stellar as a valued business partner. It has also been named as the ‘Outsourcer of the Year’ for the last six years running by Frost & Sullivan.
Teamwork and Culture 
John Zisis was part of Stellar’s founding team, who opened the doors in 1998. The company feels extremely privileged to have John as their Head of Customer Solutions. Recently he was nominated as CEO Magazine’s Sales Executive of the Year 2017; an accolade he believes should be credited to his team. The team believes John’s responsible and warm approach has been the driving factor, and his sales record speaks for itself, as he achieved 350% of his sales target in 2016.
Inspirations of Digitally-aware Organization 
John says, “We are proud of our digital-aware organization that is constantly scanning the digital horizon”. Technology is completely changing the way that customers do business with their suppliers and the company believes constant innovation is vital to stay ahead of the curve. The unfailing adoption of innovative technologies has helped Stellar to remain a leader in their exciting and fiercely competitive industry. It envisions taking all new advancements earnestly, and applying innovative approaches in business; balancing costs with the benefits of innovation. Another prime inspiration is the able effort of every employee which provides notable agility to solutions. Stellar also mentions that such constructive efforts of associates with the conscious use of technology have crowned the organization as one of the most innovative contact center solution providers.
Open Book Organization Providing Best-in-Breed Solutions
 One of Stellar’s core values is transparency. Since its inception the company has followed Open Book Management principles which gives clients and staff complete information about systems, policies and financials; giving employees the understanding of how they impact Stellar’s clients businesses. Although it has witnessed applaudable success, Stellar still imposes a quarterly review of progression with each client, and continues to disrupt its own business to deliver valuable solutions. John claims “We bring the people who know how to optimize, implement and deploy the technology. We will take the risks”. Stellar looks for best-in-breed technologies to combine with the best human-centric solutions. This transformation further facilitates the completeness in services. “It’s not just about giving clients a chatbot and leaving it to them to figure out.” Thus, Stellar has invested heavily in its innovative labs, roadmaps, and resources to enable essential conversions that accord comprehensive end-to-end solution to its clients.
The Aim to Drive in New Verticals with an Eye on Digital Evolution
Stellar is looking ahead to new verticals, new clients, and new products; aiming to expand its range of products with the help of digital evolution. Farid Jarrar, Stellar’s CIO, has developed a roadmap to drive client adoption of new technology. It has also globalized its IT team to make a view of ‘One Stellar’, which has accelerated the spread of information and knowledge throughout the organization. The company is also experimenting with Robotic Process Automation and Virtual Assistants and aims to leverage the solution capabilities with revolutionary innovations.

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