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StatsLog: Molding the Construction Industry for Over 30 Years

StatsLog is a Canadian company committed to creating the world’s best construction contract administration software. While it maintains a particular focus on the unique requirements of design professionals in Canada, its products are versatile enough to adapt to any location or scenario.
The company has been providing software, training, and consulting solutions to architects, engineers, and other design professionals and their support staff for over 30 years. StatsLog’s solutions currently support active construction projects valued at more than $7 billion.
Purpose-Built Software 
FIVE is the latest version of the company’s acclaimed construction contract administration software. It is able to successfully administer projects of all sizes, from small renovations to massive infrastructure developments. The software consists of a purpose built database and document management system that has been developed with the MIMO principle in mind – minimum input for maximum output. This principle ensures that users are as efficient, accurate, and error free as possible in everything they publish through FIVE.
StatsLog also includes its new Nomad web front-end for FIVE at no extra charge. This beta software gives users access to their FIVE data from any smartphone or tablet, anywhere they have access to the Internet. It is like having an entire filing cabinet full of documents, drawings, reports, and project communications at your fingertips.
An Innovative Organization 
Since its inception, StatsLog has tirelessly led the charge away from pen & paper contract administration and into the digital realm.
The organization has worked with companies of all sizes on a wide variety of projects, gaining invaluable experience and a unique perspective on the factors necessary to develop the best possible management system. StatsLog measures its relationships with many of its customers not just in months or years, but in decades.
Unlike its competitors, FIVE has been designed to be highly customizable to meet the unique requirements of different customers. Whether through StatsLog’s form template layout engine, customizable report layouts and automated scheduling features, or even its pricing, licensing and deployment options, StatsLog is the most flexible CCA software solution provider.
Perhaps StatsLog’s greatest asset is its unwavering commitment to its customers. The company’s extensive support network ensures that a client can reach a real person to find a solution whenever they encounter a problem.
StatsLog makes significant investments to continuously improve its software solutions through streamlined workflows, the elimination of pain points, and by adding and enhancing features based on direct feedback from users. These improvements are always provided at no extra cost as part of StatsLog’s “infinite subscription” model.
The Men Behind the Magic 
Michael Copas Founded StatsLog Software Corporation in 1984. He continues to take an active role in the firm to this day, but has been mulling the prospect of retiring in the near future. His contributions to StatsLog are immeasurable – without them, StatsLog simply would not exist.
Second in line is Jason Peter Brown. He has been with StatsLog for 20 years and has an intimate knowledge of the business. He is the President and Lead Software Developer behind StatsLog4, FIVE by StatsLog, and Nomad.
Jason’s contributions to the firm are no less important – without his technological background and unique vision for the product, StatsLog’s offerings would never have attained the level of finesse and efficacy that they have.
The indefatigable team of Michael and Jason is the reason why StatsLog is able to support the work of design firms and enterprises many times its size with relative ease. This is a remarkable achievement and a testament to their leadership, vision, and work ethic.
Advancing Quality and Efficiency 
StatsLog notes that there is a lot of change happening in the construction technology space – the adoption of BIM (Building Information Modeling) has grown exponentially, and there is ample room for exciting developments with technologies like drones and AI.
That said, a lot of the fundamentals are still the same – shovels in the dirt and machinery on the ground, a controlled chaos from which a building must emerge, on time and on budget. This has to be monitored and reported on throughout the construction process, and problems must be quickly identified and acted on. This is where StatsLog really shines.
There are always going to be better and faster ways to accomplish traditional administration tasks. Not having to go to the office to issue instructions but being able to do so onsite and paperless contract admin are some examples.
StatsLog is already on the forefront of such developments, and always looking for the next way to improve its products and services and, in turn, the elevate the quality and efficiency of its customers’ CCA services.
Envisioning the Future 
No matter how great a software is, the company believes it can always be better; StatsLog will continue to expand the features and functionality of FIVE and Nomad. It is also introducing exciting new analytic and business intelligence tools that will help customers analyze and act on the vast amounts of data they’ve have amassed through FIVE.
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