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Startup Duo print 3-D valves for Coronavirus patients in Italy

Italy was amongst the worst hit countries when it came too Coronavirus. Now, a medical practitioner has threatened to sue volunteers who 3-D printed valves that were supposed to be used to treat patients who had been diagnosed with the Novel Coronavirus. This valve typically costs $11,000 and these volunteers were selling it for a mere price of $1. This incident had been noticed when a hospital in Italy who had been treating Coronavirus patients had run out of these valves and the valves manufacturer said that these valves could not be manufactured in time for the treatment of these patients.
This led to the search of 3-D printing replicas of the major parts. This is when Cristian Fracassi and Alessandro Ramaioli, owners of an Italian Start-up, offered their company for this job. When they asked the manufacturer for the blueprints, the manufacturer threatened to sue for patent infringement. This did not stop the duo from printing the valves. They measured the dimensions and printed 3 different versions of the masks.
Till date the valves they had printed have worked on 10 patients as of reports on 14th March. When asked, they said that the patients were in danger of losing their life and they acted on that. Italy has had more that 31,500 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and more than 2,500 confirmed deaths