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Star Culture: Transforming Managers into Leaders

Everything rises and falls with leadership. Employees can only be fulfilled at work if they are engaged in their work. That responsibility rests squarely on the shoulders of that team member’s direct supervisor. The only way to truly impact the culture of an organization is to improve leadership. Star Culture supports the growth of managers with good intentions into leaders who know how to engage and motivate their teams. Star Culture transforms managers into leaders.
What is Star Culture?
Star Culture is a state-of-the-art, prescriptive leadership development system. The system begins with a diagnostic to clearly identify your greatest need for improvement. Star Culture uses a unique combination of Employee Engagement Surveys and Executive Coaching. It combines anonymous employee feedback assessments with short-burst leadership training, all while supporting sustainability with a personalized coaching experience.
Nothing like Star Culture exists in the market today. There are engagement surveys, and there are options for leadership development. However, no other program uses engagement surveys to prescribe a specific development path for your leaders. Star Culture is the difference between being busy with a bunch of ‘good’ things and being sure that you are implementing the most effective solutions for your team.
Where it all began for Star Culture
In the beginning, Star Culture’s partner company, MyEmployees, had no way for clients to quantify the success of their employee rewards programs. MyEmployees wanted to provide clients with employee engagement surveys over the course of their rewards program so clients could track how the recognition was affecting engagement levels. MyEmployees soon realized most of the employee engagement survey industry only provided leaders with a list of engagement issues without offering any solutions. From there, Star Culture was born.
In Star Culture, leadership training is combined with a personal executive coach, and regular follow up assessments track progress for continuous improvement. Star Culture doesn’t just uncover your problem; it provides the answer, too. The end result is a better relationship between leaders and employees. The success of Star Culture has been recognized in several recent awards & publications including “Top 10 Employee Engagement Solution Providers of 2017” in HR Tech Outlook Magazine. Star Culture was also featured on the Fox Business News Network, and Bloomberg News, as sponsored content.
What Do Clients Say About Star Culture?
Star Culture impacts clients’ bottom line through real business metrics and brings more employee engagement to the workplace. A hospitality client saw an 8% increase in guest service scores, and a 50% decrease in employee turnover. At last report, they’d only lost 1 employee in 90 days, and that’s huge in any service industry. One client in the trucking and shipping industry saw a $38,000 reduction in employee turnover in just 4 months using Star Culture. Annualized that’s a $152,000 savings to the bottom line and a huge return on their investment. A restaurant client had a location that was ranked 67th in the franchise group move all the way up to 2nd in the group, and remained there for two consecutive quarters, while also seeing a 22% increase in sales. The proof is in the numbers. Star Culture clients find success in real, measurable analytics in their businesses. When other businesses see a real impact on the bottom line, they want to know what Star Culture can do for them, too.
The Master Mind of Star Culture
David Long is the CEO of Star Culture, and best-selling author of Built to lead: 7 Management REWARDS Principles for Becoming a Top 10% Manager. David is the visionary who created Star Culture, and the driving force behind its innovation and commitment towards leadership development.
What’s Next For Star Culture
One of Star Culture’s core company values is ‘Always Improve.’ That’s exactly what they’re going to do. The team at Star Culture is committed to making every client experience amazing. Every improvement they’ve made so far has come directly from client feedback, and that is the course for future improvements. One of those upcoming changes is a desire from clients for Star Culture to be implemented at all levels of their organization, starting with the C-Suite down to individual unit level. Businesses want to improve the overall culture and productivity of their companies through stronger, more effective leadership. Within 2 to 5 years Star Culture will be implementing programs at a corporate level across the US, and companies starting now are finding considerable advantages to being a part of the pioneering and shaping process.

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