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Stappu: A Creative Platform to Showcase Culinary Art is one of its kinds, creative platform driven by community and e-commerce. Stappu curates gourmet food from local Culinary Artisans. provides an artistic platform for everything a person needs for her culinary journey and helps them to connect to the artisans behind those products. A buyer can select the fresh food items, dishes and cuisines according to the occasion and curate their favorites to earn credits to shop again. Stappu delivers everything to their clients doorstep.
Stappu founded in 2015 by a young entrepreneur Jeevika Tyagi with her partner Kanika Khosla, a graduate from Pratt and a trained Interior Architect. Jeevika was a banker in New York and has done multiple startups jobs in unusual fields in India. She took the plunge of doing something of her own in the creative arts after meeting Kanika and she started Stappu, a culinary art house. Kanika is partner-in-creativity, and one of the excellent motivation factors for Jeevika. Kanika’s energy and dedication is gives Stappu a personal touch. Kanika is the Creative Head and Jeevika is the Business Head.
“We truly complement each other to the extent that people think we are sisters running some family business, both founders believe that every artisan has a beautiful tale behind their creation which can enhance the buying experience for a buyer if they share it with them,” says Jeevika.
Both founders believe that every artisan has a beautiful tale behind their creation which can enhance the buying experience for a buyer if they share it with them.
Ocean of Services
Stappu offers a broad range of services, first and foremost is the online platform that helps a customer to connect with the artists to buy a full range of fresh dishes among a variety of cuisines. Stappu also drives an ‘Incubation Program’ with the motive of finding the hidden culinary gems and encourages them to follow their dream.
The company also organizes curated events with its artists under the same umbrella as Stappu Offline.
Stappu’s Strength
Stappu’s team, “Stappu Misfits”, is one of the best team they could have ever hoped for. They produce their best every day and also make Stappu to be the insanely fun place to be at. Stappu also has an in-house product development team that works closely with the logistics lead and their other core teams such as content generation, business development, sales and marketing team support one another and operate as a big unit.
Stappu builds a successful customer base to achieve long-term relation with them. They let their customers do much more than just shopping. On Stappu portal customers can join the community, curate and can become influencers or they can just learn. This makes them feel connected to Stappu versus just coming on the platform to shop.
For being a Successful Business Woman
Jeevika believes that: “No matter what you chose, being determined by making to the top and not giving up is of utmost importance. The ability to understand the market, users and the artists plus acting according to their needs is very imperative. In addition, strong communication network amidst the team and handling unexpected challenges is also necessary for a successful business. But, the most important part of running a business is to run it with someone who has a completely different skill set than you and always focusing on the core value which for Stappu is the happiness of its buyers, artists, the team and investors,” says Jeevika.
Balance work life formula: Habit of Taking Notes & Making Lists
According to Jeevika, “If you love what you do and especially if it’s your own business, your personal and working life both belong to you and they will inevitably merge.” She has made a habit of taking notes and making lists for both personal and professional life which serve her well. Sometimes she comes in late to work to use mornings to finish all the personal household chores and have a system to check her emails.
Hiring Right Tech Team for Innovative Ideas
The primary objective of Stappu is to bring an offline art online which also brings a prominent challenge, retaining the community and bringing them online. Stappu knows that learning is not always a simple process, and obstacles come every day. Challenges like hiring the right tech team, finding the market for new customers and growing with innovative ideas at the same time is challenging but has made them stronger like never before.
Future Plans
Stappu’s dream is that every person should browse ‘’ every morning for all things related to the culinary arts, creative inspirations and order food experiences for all their occasions whether its weddings, birthdays, daily use or just getting hands on the best gourmet treat in town. One day, all Indian Culinary Artists would be selling their creations on Stappu. Jeevika and her team are working relentlessly to turn Stappu a prime hub for every food enthusiast who can find everything related to food and arts on ‘’.