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Stacey A. Spedden-Irrgang Financial Planner

Stacey A. Spedden-Irrgang:  Leading the Way in Comprehensive Financial Planning

Stacey A. Spedden-Irrgang, CRPC®, LUTCF, FSCP®, is a highly accomplished Financial Planner affiliated with Heritage Financial Consultants, LLC. Her extensive range of qualifications and services underscores her dedication to comprehensive financial planning.

As an Investment Advisor Representative and Registered Representative, Stacey offers holistic financial planning services through Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp. Her expertise extends to insurance, as she is a licensed Health and Life Insurance agent, representing not only Lincoln Financial but also other reputable companies.

Stacey’s commitment to professional growth is evident through her successful completion of various financial exams, including Series 7, 6, 65, and 63, in addition to her fulfillment of the requirements to become a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner.

Stacey’s impressive journey in the financial industry dates back to 1993 when she joined Lincoln Financial Advisors, marking the beginning of a long and distinguished career. Her recent accolades, including being a Chairman’s Council qualifier in 2021 and 2022 and a President’s Cabinet qualifier in 2022, attest to her exceptional performance and leadership within the organization.

Educationally, Stacey holds a bachelor’s degree in human resources with a concentration in business from the University of Delaware. She has also earned the LUTCF Designation (Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow) and the CRPC® designation, showcasing her commitment to excellence in financial planning. Stacey has completed all the required courses for the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) certification, further solidifying her expertise.

Stacey’s areas of focus encompass Financial Planning for individuals and small business owners, as well as Retirement Planning and Life and Disability Income Insurance. Actively engaged in her profession, she is a member of Women in Financial Services (WIFS) and is proudly part of their Circle of Excellence. Stacey is also a member of the Wise Group, Lincoln Financial Advisors Premier Partners, and The Resource Group.

Significance of Determination and Persistence

Starting her first job out of college, Stacey faced initial reluctance and uncertainty. With no prior experience or clear direction, she realized the challenges ahead and committed to overcoming them. In addition to her full-time job, she worked as a waitress and dedicated herself to making calls and connecting with people in the industry. One significant challenge she encountered was the lack of female representation in finance and the prevailing stereotype that finance was primarily a male-dominated field. This dearth of female role models and mentors made her journey more challenging.

To overcome these obstacles, Stacey adopted a determined mindset, staying focused on her goals and taking things one day at a time. She emphasizes the importance of persistence and hard work, acknowledging that initial progress might not be significant, but consistent effort leads to success. Her story serves as an inspiration for individuals facing similar challenges, highlighting the value of dedication and resilience in pursuing a career in finance, even in male-dominated environments.

Tailored Solutions for a Smoother Advisory Process

Stacey considers herself fortunate to work at Lincoln Financial Group, which offers an open architecture plan with a comprehensive range of products. This approach enables her to provide clients with a wide array of solutions tailored to their specific needs, ensuring a smoother and more effective advisory process. Her team’s commitment to delivering five-star service has resulted in strong, familial relationships with clients. They go beyond financial discussions, aiming to understand clients on a deeper level, including personal aspects of their lives.

This deeper connection allows Stacey and her team to maintain long-lasting relationships and develop customized plans not only for clients but also for their families. The level of trust and security established with clients is so significant that they feel comfortable having her and her team at their dinner tables. This deep connection and the rewarding nature of her work contribute to the sense of fulfillment and trust that Stacey provides to her clients.

Emphasis on Open-Mindedness, Personability, and Authenticity

Stacey’s approach to leadership in the wealth management industry emphasizes open-mindedness, personability, and authenticity. She embraces a coaching mindset, placing a strong emphasis on collaboration, guidance, and support within her team. Stacey’s leadership philosophy is rooted in identifying and nurturing the strengths of her team members, ensuring that each person is in a role that aligns with their capabilities and expertise.

This approach fosters cohesion and allows each team member to leverage their unique abilities, ultimately leading to increased efficiency in their day-to-day operations. By providing a supportive and collaborative environment, Stacey aims to empower her team to achieve their best and deliver high-quality service to clients in the wealth management sector.

Strengthening Trust and Reassurance Amidst Uncertainty

The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the wealth management industry, and Stacey’s experience reflects both challenges and opportunities. While some clients experienced direct effects on their portfolios, it was crucial to reassure them that strategies were in place to withstand unexpected circumstances. This period of uncertainty strengthened trust with clients who appreciated the proactive approach.

Adaptation was key during this time. Stacey and her team transitioned to a hybrid work landscape, leveraging software such as Zoom and Teams to maintain efficient client service and reviews. This shift allowed them to reach more clients in a single week while ensuring clients’ comfort and safety. Some clients even preferred remote reviews, leading to a permanent change in how services are delivered.

Stacey also highlighted the advantages of being part of Heritage Financial Consultants, which provides access to valuable resources like a CFA, a director of financial planning, an investment committee, and other assets that enhance the efficiency of wealth management planning. This collaborative approach ensures clients receive comprehensive and well-informed financial guidance.

Continuous Refinement and Enhancement of Strategies

Alyse Holstein and Amy Brocious played a significant role in shaping Stacey’s career path. These successful women in the industry served as mentors and sources of valuable advice and guidance. Their influence and the opportunities they opened up undoubtedly contributed to Stacey’s current success.

While there isn’t one specific book that has defined her perspective on wealth management, Stacey’s approach is influenced by a wide range of sources. She reads extensively and draws insights from a diverse array of books, taking bits of wisdom and practices from various texts. Stacey’s approach is to adapt and incorporate these insights into her own practice in ways that benefit her and her clients. This flexible and open-minded approach to learning allows her to continuously refine and enhance her wealth management strategies.

Building a Supportive and Engaging Workplace

Maintaining a positive work culture is a top priority for Stacey, who values work-life balance and recognizes the importance of a supportive and engaging workplace. Within her own team, she has cultivated a unique culture that includes special activities like birthday lunches, weekly regroups for personal and professional catch-ups, and occasional happy hours. These initiatives contribute to a harmonious and enjoyable work environment.

Moreover, as a partner in Heritage Financial Consultants, Stacey is actively involved in shaping the culture within her producer firm. Here, they organize a variety of events and activities such as happy hours, crab feasts, birthday month celebrations, omelet station days, study groups, charity events, and more. These efforts are geared toward ensuring that team members feel engaged, motivated, and valued, enhancing the overall work experience for everyone involved.

Supporting Various Causes and Foundations

Stacey and her colleagues at Heritage Financial Consultants prioritize charity and community involvement. The firm is committed to dedicating a minimum of three charity days each year, during which team members have the opportunity to participate in various charitable activities and contribute to different causes and foundations. This commitment to giving back underscores their dedication to making a positive impact in their community and beyond.

A Proactive Approach

Stacey anticipates a major shift in the wealth management industry over the next five years, with a significant transfer of wealth to the younger generation. Recognizing that younger generations have different values and financial priorities, she believes that adapting to this change requires a fresh approach to financial planning. To prepare for this transition, Stacey aims to proactively establish relationships with her clients’ children and make them her own clients. By assisting these younger clients early on in their financial journey, she can help them create and work towards their financial goals, ultimately benefiting both her practice and the younger generation’s financial well-being. This proactive approach ensures that financial planning is not solely reactive to family wealth transitions or crises.

Essential Traits for Success in Wealth Management 

Stacey offers valuable advice to leaders and entrepreneurs aspiring to enter the wealth management industry. She emphasizes the importance of patience while navigating this challenging field and encourages individuals to take the leap, as it can be an incredibly rewarding journey. Stacey acknowledges that wealth management is not easy, and it continues to present new challenges. However, she finds fulfillment in helping clients achieve their financial goals, which makes it all worthwhile. To succeed in this industry, she recommends being empathetic, a good listener, detail-oriented, and committed to ongoing learning and adaptation, given the constantly evolving landscape of wealth management. These qualities can contribute to a successful and fulfilling career in the field.

Empowering Young Women in Finance

Stacey is actively working on expanding her team by bringing in an associate advisor to enhance the relationship-building process with her clients’ children. She recognizes the significance of generational planning and aims to provide education and guidance to younger investors. Over the next five years, she anticipates a growth in her client base of younger investors as a result of her educational efforts. Additionally, Stacey is focused on further growing her team by recruiting talented young women, which will contribute to a female-focused team and enable the firm to provide more frequent and personalized assistance to clients, fostering a sense of belonging and trust within the client community.

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