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stable|kernel: Positioning Brands as Mobile Leaders

stable|kernel is a product strategy, design and development consultancy that offers unique end-to-end software solutions to solve business challenges and create stronger brand relationships with employees, customers and end users.
The company leverages its expertise in product positioning, mobile and web technology, backend services, emerging technologies, and the Internet of Things to establish clients as industry leaders.
An Award-Winning Author and Leader
Joe Conway, the CEO and Founder of stable|kernel, is an award-winning developer and author with more than 16 years of experience. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies, technology startups and government entities to build mobile platforms, enhance existing applications and develop mobile strategies.
His team of developers, designers, marketers and project managers takes clients from strategy through design, development and deployment, ensuring timely delivery of the highest quality apps. Recently, he led his team in the creation of Aqueduct, a server-side framework for building secure web servers in Google’s Dart language.
Prior to founding stable|kernel, Joe was the lead iOS software engineer and instructor for Big Nerd Ranch. At BNR, he oversaw the company’s iOS division and managed large-scale development projects, and as an instructor, he trained thousands of engineers onsite at Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Apple and more based on his award-winning iOS programming book.
Solving Business Operational Challenges
stable|kernel believes software development is more than just building to a set of requirements; software is built to provide utility, solve a business’s operational challenges, or impact how a customer interacts with a brand. Whatever it is, stable|kernel believes in having a solid understanding of the particular client’s business goals and what is driving the need for software.
stable|kernel is not just an implementer; it is a strategist, and clients know they are in good hands from the start of the engagement. The company always begins with strategy before any development or design so it can truly uncover the opportunities for software to solve its client’s business challenges.
The company also conducts user interviews and testing to ensure that it’s building a product that offers the most seamless experience that end users will enjoy and be likely to adopt.
Designing the Entire Software Journey
Being a forward-thinking consultancy, stable|kernel is always thinking of new and innovative ways to incorporate smart technology into its client’s tech stacks. An ideal partnership would involve developing an in-depth understanding of its clients’ businesses over time so that it can continue to build highly-efficient products that deliver a strong ROI for years to come.
Because of its recent successes and rapid growth, stable|kernel will soon be moving into a much bigger office space around the time of its fifth anniversary. The organization is also expecting to double its revenue this year.
Pushing the Industry Forward
The tech industry is growing at a fast pace, and it can be challenging to find the right talent. Because of this, enterprises are turning to shops like ours when looking for an innovative team to help design and develop products that scale to meet their business needs. They are looking to focus on what they do incredibly well internally and bring in partners to help them with the rest.
As stable|kernel continues to grow intentionally, it has to think about what is right for its business. Does it have the right team in place for a new client opportunity? Does it have the right client projects to fit its team?
stable|kernel never takes on a new client without having the resources to help the client reach its goals. They don’t want to sacrifice quality without having the right team to work on it. It also refrains from onboarding the “right” talent if it doesn’t have a project on which their talents will be utilized and appreciated, as bench time isn’t attractive to most of the motivated developers.
This balancing act to bring the two sides together at the right time is difficult. Regardless, stable|kernel recognizes its position as a leader within the industry and is committed to being both a partner and employer so the entire industry benefits.
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