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SSP Europe : Innovative Cloud and IT Security Solutions

SSP Europe with its headquarters in Munich is an independent, German software manufacturer for more than 20 years now. SSP Europe develops innovative cloud and IT security solutions that can be embedded neutrally in all IT environments in a maximum secure way. SSP stands for SECURE SERVICE PROVIDING and therefore for ‘data center based IT and IT Security Services’.
The company has established themselves as a market leader in Europe and its expansion throughout the world is an on-going process that is accomplished by providing companies with flexible, highly secure and easy to use solutions for the digital transformation and communication.
SSP Europe was able to become a leader with its products due to their ability to always develop products based on the needs of their customers which guarantees a high level of customer satisfaction, retention and scalability.
Dr. Dieter Steiner, Ingenious founder of SSP Europe
Dr. Dieter Steiner, CEO of SSP Europe, is an engineer with a PhD in business informatics with the focus on IT security. He founded his first company during his studies in 1993. Meanwhile, Dr. Dieter Steiner has successfully led three IT companies with revenues of several million Euros.
Cloud and IT Security Solutions
SSP Europe offers a modular, scalable product portfolio, which is suitable for both SMEs and large international corporations. The focus product Secure Data Space is a file service from the cloud for the highly secure storage, synchronization, sharing and administration of data – independent of location and device. Thanks to its functionality and wide spread API, it can be used as a data storage and security platform for nearly every IT sector: from Machine-To-Machine communication, to Industry 4.0, for Internet-of-Things and Big Data.
Furthermore, SSP Europe offers extensive IT security services and solutions such as firewall and intrusion prevention systems, spam and anti-virus protection, remote access, IT services and solutions such as hosted exchange and online-backup, line providing, housing and hosting.
With its new product Cloudbox to Go, that has the same API like Secure Data Space and that is designated for the merchandising sector, SSP Europe has the potential of a global market leadership. Cloudbox to Go replaces the traditional USB flash drive with a handy Cloudcard and Apps to combine the modern requirements of mobility and device independency. The functionality expands with ongoing campaigns, legal lead generation and behavioral targeting. ‘Mobile first’ and over 63 million sold USB flash drives imply a huge market opportunity for the company.
Highly Motivated Management and Employees
SSP Europe has an experienced and highly innovative management team, as well as engaged employees and a very professional, flexible and competent partner structure. SSP has proven economic success and built a powerful organization with steady customer relationships.
It has well-known and satisfied customers and partners like Bechtle, Birkenstock, British Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, Knauf, Krones, McDonalds, ThyssenKrupp, WürthItensis and many more.