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Srinivas Kilambi | CEO & Chairman | Keydabra Inc

Srinivas Kilambi: Expertise Leader in the Digital World

Leaders today need to understand and utilize the algorithmic power of AI that supports machine learning and deep learning. Successful business leaders have a keen understanding and the ability to see the market forces affecting their industry. And, leaders who understand what AI is capable of & other emerging developments are more successful. One such leader, leading by example is Srinivas Kilambi, the Founder and CEO at Keydabra Inc. He has specialties in machine learning, biotechnology, nanotechnology, digital user experience, bio-refineries, biomass, solar, and clean water. He was a Former CEO at Verdecem, Renmaix, Dilato Inc., and Reliance Bio-Refinery Industries Ltd.
Below is his story, 
Srinivas holds the Educational Qualification of B.Tech: Chemical Engineering from IIT Madras, CFA from ICFAI, MS: Environmental Engineering from Clarkson University and PhD: Chemical Engineering at the University of Tenessee- Knoxville. He started his journey with a startup project in 1989, where he was the founder of India’s first biochemical company, Chemopol Complex India Pvt. Ltd. He was awarded the state’s best entrepreneur for this project. The project involved the separation and recovery of biopolymers from the shells of crabs and prawns. His second startup started in 1996, where two of his PhD patents converted into a viable technology. Its focus was to separate and recover heavy metals from wastewater using liquid membranes. The company had its IPO (NASDAQ: CXOT) in 1997 and even had a “green shoe”. He was the Founder of Dilato Inc in 2000, which was his career’s third startup. Dilato Inc was into an expert system for design and engineering companies and was later acquired by an Indian Company. He was also the founder of Sriya Innovations, his fourth startup in 2007. The company could convert biomass to sugars in seconds while competing technologies took five days. His technology received over $100 M in VC funding from Kleiner Perkins, BASF, Bill Gates and others. It was in 2011, where he started his fifth company Verdecem Inc. Verdecem’s technology could make cement without a kiln at 1200 C lower starting temperatures and with over 33% savings in energy and GHG emissions. The organization received VC funding from Kleiner and from the world’s largest cement company. His current startup is Keydabra, which focuses on using AI & ML to enhance digital user engagement and conversions. In between, 2003-07, he was the CEO of Tatas and Reliance Industries “Renewable Energy Businesses”.
Impressive Achievements 
Srinivas is a visionary strategist entrepreneur with a passion to accomplish things. Being a trustworthy, creative, and well connected he has certified with many honors and awards in his career. In 2011 he won North American Green Technology Innovation Award. He was an Innovation Finalist in 2010 at World Economic ForumPioneer Technology. TiE (The IndUS Entrepreneurs) Winner in 2009, and 2010 TiE Global Profile, GA (Greater Atlanta) Top 5 Innovation Award & Most Breakthrough Technology Award and many more. He also has some patents in his name like Green Fertilizers, Solvo-Thermal Hydroloxis of Xylose, Modified Supported Liquid Membranes, Supported Liquid Membranes, and Green Building Material.
Self-Diversifying Organization’s Offerings 
The most important step is to understand and appreciate your target audience/markets needs and aspirations,” says Srinivas. Once, you have done that then you can have a Go to Market strategy which can not only meet but also exceed those needs and aspirations. A Great idea is only 20%; efficient and successful execution of the idea is 80% towards final/desired goal/s. According to Srinivas, the best way to diversify your organization’s offering is to invest in technology heavily and especially in futuristic technologies like AI.
Recognizing Technological Trends 
Be ready to change and innovate 24×7. Most leaders refuse to change even when they know that the only thing that will remain constant is the necessity to change and innovate to succeed. There should be a constant desire to learn new technologies and stay ahead of the curve/peers. Invest your time heavily in AI/ML/Blockchain and other advanced technologies. His immediate goal is to get Keydabra to a short term $10 Million revenue and $100 Million valuation in 3 years.
Leaders’ Role in Assistance 
The leader should “lead by example”, should be passionate, committed, innovative and industrious. The leader should earn respect rather than command respect. A Leader should follow and achieve excellence in the chosen field/profession, says Srinivas.
Key Attributes Sustaining Competition 
The CEO says, know, understand, respect, learn, and never underestimate your competition is the key mantra to beating your competition. “Always be ahead of the learning and technology curve. 24X7 innovation is the key and should be adopted wholeheartedly,” says leader.
About Keydabra 
Machine Learning/Deep Learning is the real buzz in the Information Technology world right now. Founded in 2019, a privately held company, Keydabra unlocks opportunity in the field of Information Technology and Services. It is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. The company uses advanced proprietary machine/deep learning algorithms to automate and improve digital, social, & mobile apps user engagement and optimize online conversions. Keydabra’s data scientists are developing technology to build better digital platforms.