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Aimée Madden: Tackling the Healthcare Workforce Crisis

Great leaders have a knack of using technology and resources to address fundamental challenges within industries. One such business leader in technology entrepreneur is Aimée Madden – Founder and CEO of, who shares her journey in and contribution to the global healthcare industry.
Below are the highlights from our recent interview with Aimée Madden:
Kindly elaborate on your journey in becoming the business leader. 
There has always been a big focus and passion for healthcare in my family. My father is a physician and has always encouraged me to challenge the status quo and learn how to be more creative in my thinking.
After many years as a healthcare leader impacted by the healthcare workforce crisis, I decided in 2015 that I was going to address the problem head-on and set about developing an innovative technology solution – one which would drive transformational change. was born and we remain determined and focused on disrupting the global healthcare industry through technology.
How do you diversify your organization’s offerings to appeal the target audience? 
When designing the CliniShift technology platform I was acutely aware that the healthcare world needed something innovative, agile, and seamless to introduce and imbed into the organization. These factors really influenced how we designing the system. The industry was and still is awash with clunky, complex and confusing software with which staff does not fully engage. My aim was to differentiate our solution in the marketplace, through ease of use, using modern coding and language conventions so that clinical staff would enjoy interacting with our mobile applications, with practically no user training, in a similar fashion to popular social media applications.
CliniShift technology was designed as a bolt on solution to a health facility’s permanent roster or scheduler. We are very focused in what we provide as an organization that makes us very effective and successful at what we offer our clients. In other words, we are not all things to all people. We know the pain points of workforce management and the limitations of communication mechanisms between staff and management across the healthcare environment (hospitals, community and social care) and our technology is able to leverage this to our advantage. We really worked hard early on to get our most valuable product out to friendly clients so that we could get early adopters and further develop our platform in support of their challenges and requirements.
In particular, we wanted to set the standard and become the market leader in contingency/bank shift management. Our high compliance, market leading conversion rate and technology focus strongly differentiates us from the competition. Furthermore, we are unique in our bespoke approach to our clients supporting our customers effectively through the challenging change management process to ensure early momentum, true transformational change and excellent return on investment.
What attributes are required to compete and sustain against cutting-edge competition? 
As Founder and CEO I have a clear vision for the direction of the organization, which I discuss and communicate with our board, senior management team and staff. I learned early in my career that ambiguity does not support effective execution or facilitate staff empowerment. Furthermore, I would add that hiring good experienced people enabling you to build collective capability is always a good strategic decision. great, experienced and empowered people will give you extra space which will help you to achieve your goals a lot faster than thinking you can do it all as a leader.
What are your thoughts on the role of a leader with regard to achieving success? 
As a leader of a tech company you must always be aware of your competitors, forge relationships with them but here’s the key point, never allow yourself or your team be distracted or discouraged by them. If you are confident that you have a strong tech solution with a good track record of delivering high quality projects and services to clients then stay focused on that. In business there are often more bad days than good ones, so grow a thick skin and try to remain as non-emotive about your business and clients in order to stay ahead of the curve and celebrate achievements with the team.
How do you upgrade yourself with volatile technological trends to boost your personal growth? 
I am a believer in attending as many industry relevant conferences and trade shows as possible. These events have always been effective for me, not only for networking and contact building but also in researching the market and identifying future trends so that we can further enhance our technology to effectively support our clients.
What will be your future endeavors and/or where do you see yourself in the near future? 
Over the next two years we have a well-defined global strategy for CliniShift, which includes further developing and growing our platform across the North American, European and Asian markets. We are constantly adding new features and developing new products in supporting our loyal clients. I am a strong advocate of continued personal development; I am currently completing my PhD in Healthcare Public Policy at the Nursing School, Trinity College Dublin. This will assist me to further contribute to the academic work that has been done to date and support the development of a more stable, sustainable and affordable healthcare ecosystem for the future.