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Squadley: Offering Next Generation Planning & Performance to Drive Success for Businesses

Integration, improved automation, data, analytics and AI are all trends that will shape the HR technology landscape over the next decade. Smarter systems will enable teams to operate more effectively. The rise of gig-economy talent marketplaces is a massive disruptive force. How will organizations fuse their traditional workforce with on-demand talent networks to achieve improved performance and enviable cost advantages?
The answer lies with Squadley, which at its core is a data and analytics performance engine.  It just happens to also connect and align talent networks better than ever before.
Evolution of Squadley
Squadley solves the Workforce2020 productivity problem – how do organizations unlock the value from fusing traditional and gig-economy talent elements into a cohesive and high achieving reaction? The rise of ‘on demand’ skill marketplaces are poised to disrupt and accelerate talent liquidity. But how do you manage liquid teams when the classic change management model of storming, forming and norming team performance is no longer possible or even desirable?
Enter Squadley, a modern workforce success platform that integrates agile planning, role clarity, feedback, accountability and performance coaching into one data driven platform. Squadley aligns distributed employees, contractors and gig-economy talent around a success plan that ensures that the things that matter are always in focus and on target. For teams or the enterprise, Squadley provides the digital central nervous system required to accelerate ever shifting priorities, people and performance needs.
About the Founders behind the Innovative Company
Jennifer Farris and Derek Sidebottom were Silicon Valley talent executive veterans and were generally not seeing the progression towards a more integrated approach to connecting, aligning and accelerating teams.
In their work, they heard similar feedback supporting their own emerging beliefs: many talent ‘tools’ on the market were solving only part of the problem.
“After decades of tool development and seeing that no one was tackling the alignment and performance problem holistically, we just looked at each other and said: well let’s go build it” says Jennifer.  Derek added: “We kept challenging ourselves to build something that managers can use to drive progress regularly. It didn’t take long to design and build a working beta version, and when people started using it, they gave us great feedback that helped us realize that we had hit the mark.”
Making of Mission Statement, #MakeManagersAwesome
In Marvel comics, Iron Man is successful in large part due to his AI partner, JARVIS. His heads-up display helped make super hero work look easy! The Squadley design team kept this image in mind and pushed themselves to ensure each feature could #MakeManagersAwesome through integrated systems design, a clean user interface, and by getting as much real-time performance insights directly to the user to make them heroes for their teams. What emerged was Squadley’s agile and comprehensive 360 approach to planning, feedback and performance.
The company refined dashboards, trends and then added a virtual coach that helped make sense of the data available, encouraging goal owners and managers to take proactive actions before goals or talent get off target.
Squadley makes it easier than ever to know what the plan is, who is on point, when it’s due and what course corrections are needed.
Key Attributes which Help Squadley to Overcome Challenges
Experience: The founding team has a unified experience of 100 years in management and HR. This is a group of people that has seen many of the same challenges that their clients hope to solve.
Tenacity. The organization wants this solution available for their own use when clients are convincingly motivated to see it thrive in the market.
Smashing back to back Opportunities
The opportunity to influence how organizations solve productivity challenges of a more fluid workforce is massive. The company has simplified it to the point where a distributed team with goals, roles and people could be up and running with productivity insights in as little as 10 minutes! Enterprises can confidently link strategy to execution plans. They have also noticed that the key employee engagement metrics shift considerably within weeks. Easy set-up. No annual contracts. In other words, what does a team have to lose with this kind of accessibility and results?
The primary challenge for anyone in the market for HR Tech is becoming a smart consumer. It is a popular space with many claiming to solve similar sounding problems. It can be tempting to procure separate apps to solve seemingly unrelated challenges.
Squadley is also aware that HR departments are often under-funded and slower to adopt new tech. While the research and literature is excited about a more agile and ‘always on’ coaching and performance mindset, it can seem risky to drive an apparent wholesale change across the enterprise overnight.
Future Footprints of the Company
The demand for improved talent data, a more fluid workforce of the future and performance management shifts towards agile feedback loops plays directly into Squadley’s product strategy. The company is excited to be well positioned to shape the evolution of how they accelerate the team performance over the next decade.