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SQream Technologies: Rising Above New Big Data Challenges

Finance is rapidly evolving with the proliferation of vast amounts of data used and collected across almost every type of consumer and commercial financial interaction. The advent of the internet, mobile technology and the transformation of how businesses around the world work with interacted financial instruments has created enormous amounts of event based and behavioral data. In order to create value for their customers and shareholders, financial institutions are working to harness this potential. The quantities of data being generated don’t only accumulate over time – as time goes on, the amounts being generated only expand.
The key to a competitive edge for businesses in general and for financial institutions specifically, is to prepare for new challenges that are already arising when needing to master overwhelming amounts of new data.  Big data analytics can help financial organizations to better understand the information contained within the data and also help to identify the data that is most important for the business and future business decisions. Using the latest technology for data analysis can identify future threads and can eliminate illegitimate activities.
When it comes to the financial industry, service providers having the ability to implement all kinds of applications such as risk management, behavior analysis, cyber security, fraud detection, predictive analytics, forensics capabilities, auditing, etc. must be enrolled.
Harnessing the Potential of Big Data
Big Data Analytics Software Vendor, SQream Technologies delivers a high-performing next generation GPU database that quickly relieves Big Data and complex Analytics pains enabling entities such as financial institutions, telecoms and defense to easily ingest, store and analyze heavy analytical workloads in near real-time.
SQream’s technology delivers speed and scalability capabilities surpassing existing solutions by orders of magnitude. With SQream, big data projects can be completed and compromises related to speed, scale and capacity — can be removed.
SQream’s offerings include on-premise solutions, cloud-based, or a hybrid combination of both.
Creator of SQream
Ami Gal, Co-founder and CEO of SQream Technologies has a personal obsession with groundbreaking technology which drove him to create the Market’s leading next generation database solution powered by GPUs (Graphical Processing Units). The database provides organizations with a significant technology boost, releasing them from technological limitations that were holding them back thus far, and the big data industry’s answer to the overwhelming zettabytes of New Data which is expected to be produced within the coming years.
As visionary entrepreneur, thought leader and technology investor with over 20 years of technology and executive management experience, Ami has created several substantial new businesses related to high performance and complex data integration environments. Among these successes was Manov, a company he co-founded, which developed massive data-centric call center and CRM solutions. Magic Software Enterprises acquired Manov’s solution which enabled the company to execute a successful secondary public offering for the company on NASDAQ.
Innovative Solutions by SQream
SQream utilizes the massive parallel processing power of GPUs (Graphic Processing Units) for dealing with heavy analytical workloads. The supercomputing powers of the GPU combined with SQream’s patented technology, results in extremely fast analytics performance on enormously large scale data sets.
With SQream, the power of a full-rack database machine is condensed into a standard 2U server, handling up to 100TB. Requiring much less hardware than other Big Data solutions translates into a much more cost-effective approach to the financial industry.
SQream can be used as an analytical data warehouse or as an accelerator to an existing data warehouse to accelerate reports and analytics without the need for OLAP. Organizations can connect any visualizer (JDBC, ODBC, .NET) to SQream allowing them to implement all kinds of applications for revenue growth.
Foreseeing the Technology
SQream DB is a next generation GPU database that easily ingests, stores and analyzes heavy workloads with a low footprint. With SQream DB organizations are able to mitigate their risk exposure, balance risk with opportunity, and reach more informed decisions based on accurate, predictive analytics. Apart from risk management, SQream DB also addresses challenges related to high frequency trading and algorithmic execution; financial analytics; fraud; financial processes; predictive analytics for customer engagement and sales; behavioral data analytics; data security and legal protection.
SQream continues to break new ground in order to benefit its customers. They are seeing a growing pain in the market, related to the ability to handle massive amounts of New Data that is being produced globally, on a daily basis.
SQream’s technology was built from scratch to change the big data game, and make valuable data accessible and masterable in order to truly transform how businesses operate today into a new way of dealing with overwhelming amounts of data — powerfully, yet with ease and simplicity, so that people, not only businesses, will be able to benefit from the power of data in ways we are only beginning to see. By eliminating the technology hurdles, businesses will ultimately be freed up to innovate, improve and secure processes that will have a better effect on people and their lives.
Expanding Satisfied Clientele
SQream is all about improving the customer’s experience when having to deal with big data and solving real data problems. SQream’s customers can easily handle massively growing data with minimum cost, hardware and infrastructure changes. Their customers are not required to perform any indexing, complex data modeling or possess any special skill sets. The database is simple to use with high output. Business wise, this translates into the ability to allocate resources from dealing with technological bottlenecks to dealing with innovation and progress, instead.
The result is improvement in productivity, reduction in costs and the creation of a long-term competitive advantage.