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Spotinst: Helping Organizations to Run Mission-Critical Applications at 1/10 of its Standard Compute Price

With IT-enabled innovation becoming a competitive differentiator for almost all types and sizes of organization; agility in delivering IT systems and the ability to run them reliably in a cost-effective manner is critical. This importance has caused the rapid rise of Spotinst, a company that allows its clients to reliably run their production and mission-critical applications at a fraction of their overall computing price. They provide better predictability and high-availability in the Amazon EC2 Spot Market, Microsoft Low-priority VMs and Google Preemptible VMs.
The Highly Respective Leader
Spotinst was co-founded on February 2015 by CEO, Amiram Shachar; Chief Architect, Liran Polak; and CTO, Aharon Twizer.  Before the formation of the company, Amiram was the Director of Architecture and Infrastructure, Cloud Platforms at Lycos Global Group. While working on a migration project from an on-premise to a public cloud environment, he recognized several ‘loopholes’ which he could leverage to achieve better and efficient performance, while gaining brilliant cost reduction from his cloud infrastructure. These unique ideas eventually gave birth to Spotinst. With a massive experience of more than nine years, Amiram led the first private cloud project for the Israeli army and transformed Israeli Defense Force completely, as a result.
Entering the DevOps Solutions Providers Segment
The founding team of Spotinst, collectively boasts an unparalleled experience in the domain of infrastructure. It was more than a decade ago when the founders took their first step as young programmers through MAMRAM – the elite technology unit of the Israel Defense Forces. They were responsible for the management and operations of the military data-centers and virtualization systems. After their brief stint at IDF, Spotinst’s founders joined various leading companies in the industry, managing various DevOps and software engineering programs, while building and maintaining large scale cloud architectures. Simultaneously, the Spotinst team members received computer science degrees from various Israeli universities, while working under senior technology executives of the country’s leading high-tech companies. This super-efficient team of computer experts decided to dedicate their final project to the field of data-center efficiencies and Amazon Spot Instances utilization. Since then, the team has been busy helping customers to save up to ninety percent of their computing costs.
Standing Tall in the Crowd
It doesn’t matter on which platform the client’s infrastructure runs, the company provides optimal framework for compute provisioning and cost-effective utilization with products such as, Elastigroup, a software that intelligently facilitates the balance between On-Demand, Reserve, and Spot Instances in conjunction with making the right decisions to get the best balance between Cost and Performance. Additionally, it also provides high availability in Amazon Spot market, and Google Preemptible VMs. Thanks to its high scalability, it can automatically increase the number of instances of demand spikes in order to maintain performance and decrease capacity lulls to reduce costs. Elastigroup is well-suited for simple web applications, containerized environments and as well as for complex legacy enterprise applications.
Spotinst also provides a cloud-agnostic Load Balancer, that provides smarter, cheaper, and better traffic allocation across public and private clouds. It also brings together application load balancing, traffic engineering, security and deep analytics capabilities.
In addition to that, Spotinst provides cross-cloud applications performance monitoring, called “Spectrum”, which enables real-time visibility, historical insights and event driven alerts on client’s data metrics.
Spotinst biggest bet for the next few years is it’s Serverless Compute platform called “Spotinst Functions”.A Multi Cloud Function as a service that runs customers’ code in response to events. Users only need to pay for the compute time that they consume at the most cost-effective price on earth at fifty to eighty percent less than regular Serverless pricing.
A Fast-Moving Industry
According to Spotinst, the DevOps industry moves at a lightning speed resulting in witnessing different DevOps reality within every three months. Each and every cloud providers are now pushing their various offerings to the limits; by adding new PaaS offering on a monthly basis, startups come with new tooling and paradigms, and the main challenge for companies in that eco-system is to keep their relevance over time. The biggest opportunities come from ‘loyal’ or ‘satisfied’ clients, as long as the company is close to its clients, listening to them and innovating on their behalf is the biggest opportunity an organization can wish for.
Future Path
Spotinst views the future of Cloud and IT in the Serverless domain. The organization believes, that the future of cloud would be much more flat, distributed, and elastic agnostic to vendors. It is targeting to become “The Cloud of Clouds”, a virtual layer that allows users to run anything, anywhere, and anytime with the same experience. When it comes to the product roadmap, the company has recently launched its Spotinst Functions service that allows users to run Serverless applications at fifty to eighty percent less of the standard pricing. The new service, which is currently at beta stage, is platform-agnostic and supports the three major public cloud providers, and soon will work with IBM and Oracle.

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