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Sports Performance Tracking: The Affordable Performance Tracker

Sport is an ocean of opportunities and the billion-dollar sports industry boats one of the highest employment and revenue generation rates of any field. It includes a variety of career profiles such as athletes, coaches, trainers, event managers, public relation officers, Coordinator of sport organizations, Marketing Consultant, Program and Facility Manager, among others.

The industry is growing in terms of advertising and trading businesses as well, making it necessary for sports organizations to have a control over such advancing expansions. It is imperative for them to track activity to maintain better control, and to formulate effective training and development plans. However, it is nearly impossible to track every activity of every player and support staff without the help of adaptable technology.

Technological advancements of the twenty-first century have the ability to transform the sports industry. The technology used by Sports Performance Tracking (SPT) is the perfect example.

SPT offers a high-performance wearable technology platform that gives individual players, teams and coaches the ability to track and analyse their performance. Today, individuals in over 90 countries are taking advantage of SPT data to play, train and rest smarter.

The metrics provided by the technology is being utilized by schools, health professionals, local sports associations, and even the Spanish Football League.

Systemized Cloud-Based Analytics

SPT has created a cloud-based analytics platform called GameTraka®, a solution designed by athletes, for athletes. It facilitates the collection, storage and analysis of complex data generated by individuals, be it sports players, managers, organizers or members of supporting staff.

The company recently launched SPT2, a fully-customized, comprehensively-designed product. SPT2 contains the smallest GPS unit in the market, a device designed especially for contact sports. It houses a 10Hz GPS system and 100Hz accelerometer, a gyroscope and many other cutting-edge features.

Few times in the history of sport has a single product so significantly empowered athletes and associated professionals with such extensive abilities and insight overnight.

SPT enhances player performance by giving supporting staff and athletes at all levels the ability to understand how formatively and hardly they are working and it even bids a team environment, the ability to compare players.

Affordable and Reliable

The sports industry has attracted many cloud solution providers over the years, and this makes for a competitive market in which it tough for new platforms to make their mark. However, SPT has successfully overcome that hurdle by combining the latest technology with simplicity and affordability.

The company’s embraces three major characteristics to create its comprehensive platform: Powerful, Simple and Affordable.

Creating this simple solution at a cost-effective price has allowed the company to thrive where others have failed. For example, custom windscreens are more affordable and practical.

Focusing on Everyday Customers

Up till recently, it was very difficult for amateur athletes to measure their performance on the field. Cloud-based technology was available at the elite level but had not yet filtered down, due particularly to the high costs involved.
In 2014, SPT founder and CEO, William Strange, developed a web-based device that could be worn in every league. It gave players access to an affordable platform that could monitor, track and manage physical output. Today, SPT has specially designed its products with GPS features to tackle outdoor contact sports.

Integrated tools have been simplified so that coaches and individuals can easily understand speed, endurance, injury prevention, and training load.

When William is asked of the major challenges he faced in establishing SPT, he immediately responds that it was the major obstacle of finding the right talent. He explains, “As a startup, you can attract different types of talent. Sometimes, the issue can be that people just want to work in a fast-paced, relaxed environment but the business may not have the funds to get the ‘best’ people.”

Another interesting challenge of the industry that William touches on is the difference between companies that want to own it all and those that want to partner.

He explains that a startup has two risk factors – of being ‘too-early’ or ‘too-risky’ – to stop the big globular from getting involved but that doesn’t stop inter-industry partnerships. Thus, SPT is currently working on developing such partnerships but the task is little hard-hitting as everyone is working on their own product in a fast moving cycle.
William believes integration is a key but that it takes time.

Sales-Oriented Business, Customer-Oriented Strategies

William reveals, “I am a sales-oriented business leader.” His every decision is correlated to the primary questions ‘Will that make it easier for us to sell?’ and ‘Will it make for a better customer experience?’

He believes that by keeping your focus on the customer, you can understand why your competitors have adopted a particular approach, and that you can disrupt it by providing a better or simpler solution. He also firmly believes that his daily interactions with customers have helped him to understand them and their needs.

Groundbreaking Future Hardware

SPT recently released SPT2, which incorporates groundbreaking hardware. The company aims to constantly update and evolve to offer its customers such futuristic products.

SPT is also planning to introduce more cost-effective options in the coming months, all of which will feature adaptable in-depth analysis options. It has ameliorated the sports industry since its inception and aims to march in towards some other exciting verticals.

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