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SpiraLinks Corporation

SpiraLinks Corporation: Redefining Management Process Since Inception

Founded in 1993, a woman-owned company, SpiraLinks Corporation specializes in designing, implementing, and supporting web enabled application projects; the company has a record of on-time, on-budget delivery that meets client requirements and specifications. In the past 10 years Spiralinks has elevated its flagship product the FocalReview® Total Rewards software suite to the cloud, while strengthening on-premise clients and implementations.
The organization has designed, installed and hosted secure web-based systems for marketing, human resources, compensation and finance teams for more than 20 years. With this deep understanding the company offers a compensation and performance management planning suite, FocalReview®. It can be tailored to what works for a particular business, and is a proven leader in compensation management for companies in the US, Europe, and beyond.
Adding Value and Planning Ahead 
SpiraLinks can implement the FocalReview® product for any client in the cloud or on-premise. It is the same code base. The organization releases new updates twice a year in order to keep up with the industry mandates, apply new business features, and take advantage of new technical solutions to improve the software – and stay relevant in the market. SaaS powered systems allow SpiraLinks to support clients better, and reply to questions faster.
FocalReview®, SpiraLinks’ flagship tool, helps its clients to manage their compensation planning and performance processes more efficiently. With FocalReview®, now clients can manage salary, bonus, and stock plans on different timetables for different employee populations – in multiple currencies and languages. Thanks to the groundbreaking product, now HR teams can budget, recommend, analyze, and approve changes in all forms and phases of compensation, even if multiple management organizations are responsible for input and review – either on-premise or securely in the cloud.
In general, the HR business unit often has a limited budget and a short time frame for software implementations. The FocalReview® product can address both these hurdles. Clients ranging from 100 employees to 3000 employees have implemented in 4-8 weeks. Spiralinks’ longest implementation took around 6 months – and it was a multi-national, Multi-currency corporaton of more than 300,000 employees!
According to the organization, some key lessons are to plan ahead, map your data, and set expectations on input, process, and reporting. A train-the-trainer approach by the company helps the clients to take control faster, and rely less on the vendor. Spiralinks believes this is better strategy; because the faster a client becomes comfortable with the system, the can really discover the software’s capabilities.
Leading from the Front 
SpiraLinks’ founders focused on the beauty of quick delivery that the World Wide Web provided over traditional Information Technology implementation projects. Early on and expanding on their experience in HR and Administrative Systems they developed custom solutions. About 10 years ago SpiraLinks created the FocalReview® product that could be scaled in both functionality and client size. After the death of a key founder back in 2013, Julie Southern, Co-founder became CEO of Spiralinks and led the company to it next level. She achieved this by moving the software into the Cloud as well as making the tool 100 % configurable – avoiding custom charges to the client. This makes an easily supported implementation, while giving flexibility to address all vertical businesses – and a more affordable solution to their clients.
Pushing Boundaries 
When it comes to standing out amongst the crowd, Spiralinks believes that it stands out in three ways;

  • The organization has a straight forward pricing, with no hidden fees.
  • Thanks to the configurability, Spiralinks can scale from medium to large implementations, with little effort.
  • Spiralinks’ exceptional customer service also plays a vital role when it comes to standing out.

The organization’s philosophy is to make its software easy to use and administer by making key business logic configurable. This allows a flexible and focused software solution for each HR cycle. Spiralinks want to sell great software at a fair price; not sell software to sell implementation teams. The company proudly mentions implementation costs for FocalReview® are a fraction of the software costs – something unheard of with their competitors, as well as in the IT industry.
Ready for the Future 
SpiraLinks is the leader in sophisticated Total Rewards software that is multi lingual, multi-currency and an ideal add on to any HRIS or HCM that does not have the depth in compensation planning and performance management. SpiraLinks’ FocalReview® is best of breed, but can work very well with other best of breed software – providing a bespoke solution to each client. The company envisions continuing adding more value for money thru features in its flagship product and lead the industry with its distinctive solutions.
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