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Spectrum Technologies: Bridging the Gap between Innovation and Implementation

Plainly speaking, Sales Performance Management (SPM) solutions are meant to improve the efficiency in sales operations and it is pure common sense that automation process is the need of the hour. A well-designed automation process helps salespeople to devote more time on an organization’s strategy. With better clarity and transparency in compensation, quota allocation and territory assignment processes, sales people are better focused, productive and filled with team spirit.

With SPM, sales personnel behavior is aligned with corporate strategy. Only the proficient vendors can mend the SPM software in the most efficient way and Spectrum Technologies, a provider of technology and business consulting service has created a niche for itself in the SPM market. Ever since its inception, Spectrum has enabled several mid-large enterprises while in partnership with several leading technology vendors including CallidusCloud, Oracle, Anaplan and IBM.

100% focused, Vendor Agnostic and a Counsel to Clients

Clients approach Spectrum for Sales Performance Management (SPM) and Incentive Compensation Management Solutions such as-

Strategic Consultation, where Spectrum can help their clients evaluate their SPM landscape, including the SPM plan effectiveness and technology tools.

Vendor Selection for ICM, quota and territory management, lead generation and management, sales content management/training, Configuration/Price/Quote (CPQ), reporting/data/business analytics and an end-to-end holistic SPM or a targeted tactical SPM solution.

Software Implementation, where expert SPM consultants bring solid experience in the complete SPM implementation process to make it less cumbersome. You can also benefit greatly from CPQ software. Start with what is configure price quote software.

Managed Services, which helps companies to administer sales compensation programs so that these companies could focus on other strategic aspects of the program.

The Edge Factor at Spectrum

Spectrum is the true leader in the SPM domain because of its focus on customer success. They have enjoyed a CAGR of 100% for many years with the goal to become a trusted advisor to its customer.
Unlike other organizations, Spectrum does not sell on behalf of any company, but simply advises clients on all the options available to them. With passion for SPM and Focus on Customer’s success, Spectrum has become one of the most reputed and trustworthy solution providers. With several choices in SPM ICM tools, Spectrum not only offers technology consulting, but also offers managed services for SPM. Their managed services help administer compensation programs, which helps their clients to benefit from reduced cost of operations and increased reliability.

Spectrum is a dedicated SPM service provider with the team having education and experience for wholly supporting SPM technology. They are partnered with the top SPM & ICM tools providing companies and are also well versed in all the different SPM ICM software that these companies offer. This in itself is a guarantee that the options they offer to their clients would be unbiased. With a unique customer perspective to their implementation approach, they can understand their client’s concern in a real way and hence can viably discuss the pros and cons of one approach over another while implementing an SPM project.

The Thought Leader and a Man of Action

A very reliable person and a key contributor to Apple’s Financial systems landscape, Maneesh Gupta, Co-founder and Managing Partner at Spectrum, is known to run special errands to understand his client’s requirements. He is a well-known high-spirited multi-tasker with a hands-on approach mixed with a high level strategy goal.

Maneesh has successfully led Spectrum for 10 years with his 20 years of engineering and management experience in the enterprise software industry which also includes 15 years in Sales Performance Management. Under his able leadership and supervision since 2006, Spectrum has helped more than hundred companies in selecting and implementing the best software tools for automating SPM operations.

A Team that is Motivated and Updated                              

Spectrum keeps their learning process updated and their employees are trained with the latest SPM Technologies. Spectrum always celebrates and encourages their employees’ ambition to create and invent as they consider their team to be the most valuable asset. This is reflected from their spectacular performance when a hi-tech Silicon Valley client called upon Spectrum to tackle the client’s 200+ commission disputes every month. Spectrum handled the situation well, by not following the conventional method of following the client’s every requests, but instead, dwell deep into the root cause of the matter. Following the recommendations that arose after the analysis, Spectrum re-engineered the existing ICM system at their client’s end. The entire rejig, gave the clients a renewed trust factor from their clients. The new changes not only reduced their client’s disputes by 90 percent, but also avoided a costly replacement.

The above instance is one of many moments of pride for the team at Spectrum and this has always taken the company forward in terms of relevance with the latest technology in the market and by delivering maximum customer satisfaction.

Pursuing the Right Track to the Ultimate Goal

Spectrum has a long-term partnership with the best SPM and ICM vendors. With ICM’s market adoption growing rapidly, Spectrum is at the forefront of this growing market. In this age of digital transformation, the SPM specialists are making companies aware of finding ways to maximize their capabilities by leveraging greater ROI on automation tools for the commission calculation process.

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