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Spectrum Pharmatech Consultants: Preeminent Experts in Pharmaceutical Engineering

‘THINK…CHALLENGE…. EXPLORE…. CREATE…. SUCCEED’, following this mantra Spectrum Pharmatech Consultants, is leading with knowledge based, fully integrated Architecture and Engineering, and providing state of the art solutions to their clients worldwide, and satisfying the strictest regulatory requirements.
Spectrum Pharmatech Consultants provide their services to Pharmaceutical Finished Dosage Formulations, Bio-Pharmaceuticals, Apis And Fine Chemicals, Laboratories And R&D Centers, Food & Beverages, Cosmetics & Personal Care.
Mr. Swaminathan, Managing Director of Spectrum Pharmatech Consultants, a seasoned pharmaceutical professional, having over 35 years of experience in the field of design, engineering and process consultancy.
Prior to Spectrum, he worked for the reputed engineering companies like MN Dastur and Technimont ICB, and Indian Multinational pharmaceutical companies like Rhone Poulenc and Lupin.
Swaminathan is known for his in-depth knowledge of Pharmaceutical Engineering, current regulatory requirements of USFDA, EMEA, WHO and has gained skills with the latest technology trends in the pharmaceutical manufacturing. He has a wide experience in all aspects of Pharmaceutical project management right from concept to startup.
Initially, He started Spectrum Pharmatech as a single person company. He was having a big challenge for making a better firm, where his competitors were running their firms from long time. He recognized just grasping a knowledge of engineering is not enough, but the hands on experience of the process is the main thing which will help to make Spectrum Pharmatech successful.
Spectrum Pharmatech’s Expert Services
Advisory Services & Consulting, wherein the company provides Feasibility studies, Technology sourcing, Technical due diligence, and cGMP Audits. Site Selection & Master Planning, SPECTRUM offers a careful assessment of the shortlisted sites by its team of highly experienced experts. Its Engineering services include, Conceptual Design, Basic Engineering, Detailed Engineering, and General Planning. Execution services include, Procurement, Project Management, Construction Management and Commissioning. In Qualification & Validation, the company provides Validation Master Plan, Qualification documents, and cGMP compliances.
In Pharma Industries, there are so many engineering consultants with less Pharmaceutical Process knowledge, and even pharma consultants with less engineering background. Spectrum has created the niche in both Engineering and Pharmaceutical Engineering, which makes them stand out from their competitors.
Designing of Pharma Facilities
Spectrum believes, Designing of Pharma facilities is more of an art than just pure engineering and science. It requires a clear understanding of not only the processes but also requires consideration of current GMP regulations, statutory norms and special requirements. The main focus of Spectrum is to develop niche areas in the consulting field and retain their existing clientele. Today, they are one of the leading consultants in Design and Engineering of High Potent Facilities (Oncology, Hormonaletc).
With the dynamic and constant change in the Pharma industry, the individual need to be more updated with the recent update in regulatory requirements.
Swaminathan says, “If we don’t keep up with news and trends, we can miss key opportunities and can be caught unawares.”
Advances in biological and genetic sciences and the increasing power of the consumer in the health care marketplace the pharmaceutical industry will begin to experience major changes in the future, Spectrum Pharmatech is ready to accept those challenges
Every day, innovations taking place in the pharma and biotechnology and the fact that there are very few consultants like Spectrum Pharmatech globally, who can provide one stop solution for their projects.
Today, Spectrum Consultants is on its way to become a Global Consulting Company with diverse solutions for technical professional services be it pharma, non-pharma or biotechnology.