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Spark Compass: A Contextually Intelligent Communications Platform of Platforms

The Internet of Things (IoT) has brought the vision of a more connected world into reality due to an emerging volume of sensors, devices and numerous services that are connected and delivering data via heterogeneous access networks. Correspondingly, cloud computing has emerged to provide enormous storage, computing facilities, and data sharing opportunities. Moreover, the convergence of IoT and connected cloud can provide new opportunities for both technologies, particularly when connected in an intelligent manner. It can open a new horizon for ubiquitous sensing, interconnection of devices, service sharing, data storage and provisioning to support better communication and collaboration among people and appliances in a more distributed and dynamic manner. Thus, such convergence can enable the development of innovative applications and new solutions in various emerging areas to improve all aspects of life.
Powered with a vision to create a better world, Total Communicator Solutions, Inc. has developed a fully integrated, contextually intelligent mobile communications platform, Spark Compass ™. The solution leverages real-data analytics with real-time actions and events based on the collected data, combined with location, user, and activity knowledge, to deliver curated experiences on mobile devices and other associated IoT connected devices.
The company’s patented, contextually intelligent communications platform, integrates numerous smart city sensors, smart home sensors, proximity beacons, NFC, augmented reality, and  IoT sensors in the environment, in equipment – even in cars. Spark Compass is used by enterprises such as airports, hospitals, university facilities, sport venues, and convention centers. Total Communicator Solutions is headquartered in San Diego, CA, with its branches located in USA, Spain, Mexico, UK, Norway, and New Zealand.
A True-Grit Leader
Erik Bjontegard is the Founder of Total Communicator Solutions, who has over 30 years of experience in areas ranging from aerospace to retail. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University Of Salford, UK
Erik began his carrier as a rocket scientist with NASA and later  as a Corporate R&D Executive at Qualcomm Corporate R&D. He holds patents at Qualcomm and is the inventor of the patent pending Spark Compass platform with numerous additional pending patents filed across the globe. He, along with a team of industry experts architected and developed the one-of-a-kind Spark Compass platform as a service which connects existing sensor networks, devices and their users.
As an innovator and multiple patent holder, Erik has been awarded and won recognitions from Red Herring to awards at the White House, he has been a speaker at events from large investor meetings to Mobile World Congress and has been showcased by conglomerates and trusted organizations like Qualcomm and Samsung at CES, MWC and numerous other technology industry events.
A Comprehensive Communication Platform
The Spark Compass platform™ collects data from user devices, wearables and sensor networks, enabling the delivery of smart content based on the user’s context. This is performed by analyzing data patterns, setting specific rules and combining existing data sources. Powerful analytics on collected performance data, real-time behavior and actions provide granular visibility in a centralized platform ensuring the right curated content is delivered to the right user at the right time and place, on the right device.
The Spark Compass™ mobile proximity platform is the ‘brains’ that is enabling a wide range of experiences. Based on its patented technology, it takes advantage of the latest innovations in proximity beacons, sensor integrations, geo-fences, augmented reality and virtual reality to name a few, to enable businesses and organizations drive dynamic marketing, services and communications. The end result is the ability to easily bring real-time, contextually intelligent experiences to people in places like convention centers, universities, airports, medical centers and hospitals, events, convention centers, office buildings and tourist destinations.
In addition, the platform was designed to deliver compelling relevant content within a unique localized experience to the user, while capturing relevant user-behavior data for platform stakeholders. Today, Spark Compass is covered by an awarded US patent with numerous pending patents in USA and worldwide with providers and partners, channel partners. It has also been endorsed by leading system integration partners ranging from ATOS, Qualcomm, CGI and Samsung to smaller local BOT (Build Operate Train) partners.
Erik asserts “We are finally out of stealth mode and are deploying with some powerful brands and partners. The Spark Compass platform has been tested and validated in real commercial enterprise deployments, across multiple vertical markets. It drives conversion and result, now endorsed and promoted by our channel partners globally
Next generation of intelligent storage of real world data is being deployed with the patent pending Spark Compass Intelligence of Every Thing blockchain platform.  This advanced distributed ledger data storage platform enables select data such as information across a product procurement and distribution process to be captured efficiently and cost effectively via the Spark Compass IoT Platform and stored safely and securely in the blockchain for future use along the supply chain by authorized users.
He continues: “Integrating our advanced data storage options as option to traditional cloud storage enables our clients to be future proof and store their data securely.  Our platform turns the data into actions.  We then verify that the results of those actions are the desired outcomes, thereby ensuring conversion and desired results”
Unfolding the Forthcoming Mission
Spark Compass enables innovation and leadership in using technology to drive outcomes and conversion to be delivered based on intelligent use of data. It leverages and combines the best from others under one umbrella and by being ‘inclusive’ while respecting each partner’s ownership, the best solutions are integrated, leveraging legacy with new technology to deliver the best combination. The company’s vision is to create a better world by enhancing end user’s interactions in the real world by intelligently delivering curated content and enhancements to their daily interactions with the real world.
“When it comes to the future of technology, it’s clear that artificial intelligence (AI) is the final frontier. However, as major tech companies have begun creating various AI-driven technologies and capabilities, they’ve started to think about AI in an entirely new way. Rather than viewing AI as systems with the goal of replicating and surpassing human intelligence, experts in the field and leading research companies understand AI is better represented and produced as ‘Augmented Intelligence,’ since these systems will instead enhance and augment human capabilities – this is our AI vision, Augmenting the human intelligence.” Erik states.
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