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SpaceX Technology launch Thai communications satellite.

In the communication technology scientist innovate the new creation for upcoming generations. SpaceX technology will attempt to launch an international communications satellite to a high orbit area, then attached a high-speed booster for landing in the Atlantic.
A Falcon 9 rocket is targeting a 5:40 p.m. liftoff from launching station Cape Canaveral Air Force Station with huge the Thaicom 8 satellite, at the new opening of a two-hour window.
The weather forecast for launching is excellent, with Air Force meteorologists predicting a 90 percent chance seen favorable weather at Launch Complex 40.
Great excited to launch 3rd satellite in few times. Thaicom has devotedly worked very hard to create this invention.
In March, the president of SpaceX technology, Gwynne Shotwell, stated that the company actually confirm plans to launch a total of 18 times in 2016, which would 3 times of launches compared to 2015. She also said that they decide plan to increase that launch rate even further the next year, with 25 hopeful launches in 2017.