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Space-O Technologies: Add Zero. Add Value.

Space-O Technologies was ‘born’ from the desire to bring the finest and best engineers from around the globe together to create specialized, unique, and highly-functional apps for millions of users for business and personal use. Space-O Technologies – a leading mobile app development company, is your final destination for keeping your business at the front of technological advancements.
Atit Purani, Co-founder & CTO of Space-O Technologies, ensures software deliveries & leads the technology wing of the organization since its inception in 2010. With 14+ years of experience in Offshore Software Development and especially 7 years in Mobile Application Development. His tremendous passion towards Mobile Application Development, enabled him to oversee a development & delivery of complex projects.
Mobile is the core strength of Space-O Technologies, which is offered to individuals, startups & to medium & large-scale enterprises. From conceptualization to building application, Space-O involves in every aspect of app development like visualization, wire framing, designing, development and not limiting it to deployment & maintenance. Space-O also offers cloud, design & custom web development and participated in the success of their Enterprise Clients such as Nike, Saint-Gobain, McAfee, Ferrari, etc. They have developed more than 1500 applications, with strong 500+ client based across the globe.
A True Technology Focused Organization
Often people asks Atit as to what specific role he is playing being a technological head and when he see himself dealing with his team, his colleagues & his customers, he says’ that “he is playing the role of a brick fixer, who just sees the missing brick in the wall and immediately work towards fixing it”.
At Space-O, position themselves as technology partners where they take an unconditional responsibility and ensure that the technology is leveraged at its best for the client’s business problem. Makes the best use of available bandwidth of the energy that they generate as an organization. Being best problem solvers for customers, they are married with focus on building their people’s strengths that translate to customer’s delight.
Start-up Challenges
Earlier when Space-O started, they faced start-up challenges in acquiring valuable people for the organization. Of course, the external competition & recruitment crunch was part & parcel of the process but they stuck to their values & goals and never opted for any shortcuts. With hard-work & strong perseverance, today they have grown to a team of 250+ enthusiastic people with its offices and development centers in India, Russia, Vietnam and USA in 2015.
Roadmap of the company
Space-O is on a mission to enable 40,000 human lives to achieve their goals through people, services and solutions by 2018. To build reusable technological solutions and offer them as a service to the App Entrepreneurs which they envision being a growing majority by 2020. Aiming to turn minimum 40% of customer base into their business partners, to provide Thought Leadership to their people, focus on vertical depth compared with horizontal spread.
And concludes by saying “through the specific roadmap we will turn out to be the best technology company in India with an intentional focus on mobile and cloud computing”.