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Sophie Slavin | Director | SAS Consultancy Services

Sophie Slavin: Leading with Experience and SkillSo

Sophie Slavin, the Director of SAS CONSULTANCY SERVICES is a proficient business leader who boosts brand awareness, promotes campaigns, assists/runs social media pages for both individuals and businesses through her excellent consultancy skills. In an interview with Insights Success Sophie shares her inspiring entrepreneur journey through her experiences and achievements.

I have a ‘professional with personality’ approach to business with an enjoyment of being proactive and acting as an ambassador for my clients.”

Below are highlights of the interview conducted between Insights Success and Sophie Slavin:
Give a brief overview of your background and your role in SAS CONSULTANCY SERVICES.
You could say I have a rather varied background! I started my first job at 17 in Estate Agency and had a multitude of roles over the following years, from being an entertainer on a holiday park to invigilating exams within a Young Offenders Institute! I always found enjoyment when I was able to use creativity within my jobs and finally felt settled when I became a PA which incorporated internal communications and social media aspects within the role. I was made redundant after 9 years and pretty much decided instantly that I would have a go at setting up my own business. I was a single Mum who luckily had a great boss that let me do the school runs and work from home once a week- I wasn’t sure I’d find another company who would let me still have that flexibility so that I could spend time with my daughter. I also enjoyed Social Media, not just the creativity of it but the ability it gave you to connect with people and I could see many businesses were not using it to their advantage. SAS Consultancy Services was then born.
Describe some of the vital attributes that every businesswoman should possess.
Some of the attributes I consider to be vital are positivity- no matter how bad a day it’s been, how demanding a client may be or how it may feel like some things are taking a while to gain fruition, reminding yourself of the good things go a long way. Think about the wins, the gains and the progression you have already made. Be courageous- try out new ideas, ignore those who don’t think you can do it- if you don’t have the guts to keep pushing forward, no-one is going to do it for you!
What were the past experiences, achievements or lessons that shaped Sophie’s journey?
In my first few months of being in business I gained a rather large client- at the time I thought I was equipped both technically and mentally to take them on. It was a lesson to learn that I shouldn’t run before I could walk, however as in all types of business we learn a lot along the way, and I took it as a valuable experience. I have also understood the importance of embracing your strengths but also acknowledging your weaknesses and taking action so that they don’t become a hindrance. As I progressed and improved both myself and my business I was then really pleased to have been shortlisted for a number of awards before being announced as Best Social Media Management Company UK and Leading Female in Consultancy Services at the Influential Businesswoman Awards.
What were some of the primal challenges and roadblocks that Sophie Slavin faced during the initial phase of her journey?
It has been a huge and fast learning curve! I started my business having spent most of my working life in large businesses, so it was quite an adjustment. Nobody could prepare me for what it would be like being your own manager, accountant, administrator, salesperson, marketer, researcher all in one! I was a bit too eager to make a go of it – (I hadn’t even drafted a business plan in the beginning). In the early stages I suffered slightly from imposter syndrome however this could have stemmed from the initial lack of preparation. Thankfully, I learnt quickly and can safely say skill and experience is now firmly in the mix.
Where does SAS CONSULTANCY SERVICES sees itself in the near future and how will you catalyze the change?
We have already had a great year to date, highlights of which included winning Best Social Media Management Company UK and Leading Female in Consultancy Services 2019 and we are now looking forward to our next period of growth. Currently, work is taking place on expanding our training offering and liaising with associations to build our clientele as well as developing a multimedia Anti Bullying initiative to educate children on how to stay safe on social and to not live their life by likes. Plus – you heard it here first – we are soon launching a section of our business, tailored specifically for high profile businesspeople and individuals in the public eye. Needless to say, this is a really exciting time and we are also keen to welcome more people to our team to join us on the journey!
What is your advice for emerging women entrepreneurs?
Do your research, believe fully in both your idea and yourself and go for it! There are so many opportunities available out there- don’t be the person who spends forever waiting for tomorrow or the “right time” because someone else will go out and grab those opportunities before you do.